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      Bipartisan Resolutions 

“Make hay while the sun shines” is an adage applying equally to farms and fitness centers.  Like alfalfa growers in June, a gym’s profit is tied to a very narrow window in January.   Drive by any fitness center the first couple weeks of the New Year and it is filled with Americans resolving to exercise, eat right and live a healthier lifestyle.  By March, old comfortable habits will have choked the weakly dedicated and the stair steppers stand down.  If gym owners were as organized as ethanol farmers there would be a subsidy program for fitness centers.  Abandoning resolutions year after year can be disheartening, but only if you believed yourself in the first place; something politicians never do.  Here is a partisan peek at promises and resolutions. 

Progressives always keep their promises because their craftily devised deception occurs prior to the marketing of the public resolution.  Once the lie is accepted as the truth, implementing it is the easy part.  For example, even though scientists agree climate change is a con, followers of Marx live in a dimension where it is real.  By pure faith they accept the illusion man can set the earth’s temperature by manipulating tax policy.   The progressive ruling class surrendered the power to tax the unwashed to an international authority at the Paris Climate Change Summit. 

Conversely, but equally progressive, blow-dryer Republicans never keep their promises.  In 2012 and 2014, the GOP ran on the platform they would repeal Obamacare and they rode a tidal wave into office.  Yet, rather than defund socialized medicine, they supported it in every spending bill, when a simple majority “No” vote in a single chamber could have shut it down.  Instead, the GOP ran with a ceremonial Obamacare repeal bill which would have required a majority vote in both chambers, plus the signature of President Obama to become law.  Now they will go back to voters in 2016 and say “We tried, but we really need the Presidency to replace Obamacare with our version of socialized medicine.”  They lied from the very beginning. 

True Christian conservative Republicans, such as Senator Ted Cruz, always keep their promises as proven by his attempt to filibuster Obamacare in the Senate.  The nastiest attacks came from the blow-dryer wing of his own party because they despise anyone who does not support the status quo.  This brings me to my point. 

America’s state sponsored invasion by ISIS will fundamentally change our nation, so it is futile to obsess over New Years’ resolutions. For self-defense purposes, go ahead and have that third piece of cheesecake because even the most dimwitted terrorist knows fat people are harder to kidnap.   However, if you still want to make a meaningful promise to yourself and your descendants, vow to identify and reject all progressives, including blow-dryer Republicans, at every level of the 2016 election. 


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