Weekly Posting of the Conservative Cow Doctor



This weekend, for the first time since 1989, my veterinary practice will be doctorless.  Laurel schools are out for four days, so Dr. Mark is taking his family to San Diego for some sand and theme-park therapy.  His trip has been scheduled for months.  I was planning on covering the weekend, but daughter Chelsie invited us to join her, Marcus and their four mini-Warners for a short ski and water-park vacation in Kellogg, Idaho.  I have not seen these four grandkids since last July, so I am not letting this opportunity slip through my fingers. 

Over my 34 years of practice, God has revealed His wisdom to me through different doctors, clients and co-workers.  Far too often His message gets lost in the mayhem, but occasionally, a whisper breaks through and sears itself into my heart.  Over 20 years ago Dr. Dennis advised me, “You can always make more money, but you can never make more time.”  It was true then, it is true now, it will remain true tomorrow and it is especially fitting for all American capitalists and here is why. 

The freedom to succeed or fail, makes America exceptional and our freedom is the tool God uses to spread goodness and relieve human suffering worldwide.  However, liberty can be a blessing or a curse, because it is far too easy to be so focused on success that you miss what really matters.  Less than a month ago, I lamented how tired I was of spending weekends plowing snow, fixing breakdowns, feeding horses and hustling to keep on schedule.  Standing in the treatment room I whined, “I yearn for a day of doing absolutely nothing.”

 “It is called the Sabbath,” Dr. Mark deadpanned. 

This truth was stunning and it brings me to my point.  For one weekend, I will not consume any CNN, MSNBC, CBS, AP, ABC and NBC, Wall Street Journal or Lee Enterprises state-sponsored fake news.  The only snowflakes garnering my attention will be those passing under my skis.  At day’s end, I will be water-parking with Chelsie, Marcus, Will, Raelee, Cassidy, Wes and the trophy Nana.  Let the cannonballs begin because I am cultivating memories, giving thanks to God and disengaging until Monday.  You should consider the same


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