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    Living in Make Believe     

The trophy wife and I were in Great Falls for a veterinary conference and while I attended meetings she ran herd over 14 of our grandchildren.  While hauling seven of the littlest ones to the store, Druann overheard them playing a game while strapped in their car seats.  The mini-herd, ages two to five, were giggling as Cassidy, the three-year-old, counted out loud and announced, “Ready or not here I come.”  The trophy wife smiled realizing the kids were playing a car-seat modification of hide and seek.  Road vibration lulled two-year-old Henry to sleep, apparently rendering him the winner.  At dinner, she told me the story and I chuckled at their creativity.  Visiting the land of make believe is perfectly normal for wee ones, but not so much when adults decide to homestead there.  An entire political movement relies on the ruling class trapping the unwashed in fantasy land and they have been frighteningly successful.  In spite of truth, leftists continue promoting the manipulative theory of man caused climate change and this brings me to my point.  

Most of the world’s scientists agree man caused climate change is a complete fraud.  For almost two decades, atmospheric carbon dioxide has been increasing all while the earth’s temperature has flat-lined.   This fact completely destroys the collectivist’s central point, but like three-year-olds playing make believe, they simply ignores these facts.  With the slaughter of innocent Americans from coast to coast, President Obama advances the lie climate change is a greater threat to humanity than terrorism.  He is wrong and dangerous.   

The left has bet the pot they can create their Marxist utopia once they convince the little people the world’s climate can be regulated through tax policy.  This is a multi-front battle and sadly, because millennials have been brainwashed to ignore logic, their entire generation has been lost.  Wait, it will get worse.  “The Daily Caller” recently reported the Democrat National Platform Drafting Committee unanimously approved a plank requesting the Department of Justice to investigate fossil fuel companies whose views differ from the state sponsored opinion regarding climate change.  The ruling class will use the full force of the federal government to suspend the First Amendment rights of anyone believing something other than what they are told to believe.  So much for freedom of expression.  Fifty percent of the electorate live in fantasy land and will turn a blind eye to this abuse because they have bought the lie progressives are for poor people.  Like babbling toddlers strapped in car seats, America is trapped in make believe.      


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