Weekly Posting of the Conservative Cow Doctor



 Opening day of big game season found me saddled up and riding in the darkness.  I was putting some hard mountain miles on my granddaughter’s new paint, and had climbed above timberline by sunrise.  My friend, Larry, and I cut the fresh tracks of a single bull elk meandering to the dense timber on the north face of a neighboring canyon.  If we pushed hard, we could get a shot as he crossed the rocky ridgetop above Andy-Dick Creek.

We broke over a rise and spotted a nice six-point bull lying dead, the consequence of a hunter who charged into the darkness a couple hours ahead of us.  The successful hunter had driven 34 hours, non-stop, from Pennsylvania just to be at the right spot at the right time.  It was his first elk.  I was happy for him, so was accommodating when he asked to borrow my cell phone to text his buddies, separated from him in the pre-dawn darkness.  I handed him my phone, thus letting the opportunity of a lifetime slip through my fingers.  With President Trump barely winning Pennsylvania, I should have determined whether he was a “drain the swamper,” or a Clinton crony.  I would have loaned my phone either way, but we patriots need to educate the heavily indoctrinated.  Seeing gun-owning, union members vote as they are told without making the connection the Democrats intend to disarm the little people always shocks me.  I could stop here, but my point came the next day.

As if the charge to the mountain top was not challenging enough, fresh horses carried us back to the summit on morning two.  Passing yesterday’s kill site, we noticed the fresh snow pockmarked with coyote tracks and the entire gut pile, save only the rumen contents, had been completely consumed.  No tissue remained—nothing.  I was shocked seeing 180 pounds of viscera disappear overnight, and this brings me to my point.

In today’s analogy, the gut pile represents the state or federal treasury and the scavengers are progressives who garner power by spending other people’s money.  Once the gut pile dwindles, progressives steal more under the guise punishing the wealthy benefits the unwashed.  There was a time when all progressives were Democrats, but today half the Republicans have developed a taste for raw guts and they can match liberals bite for bite, dollar for dollar.  Social Security spending recently shot above one trillion dollars for 2017.  The Department of Health and Human Services tops the mountain at 1.1 trillion dollars, so these two social programs account for 53.2 percent of federal spending.  Collectivists claim this is not enough, so chew on that before you vote.      


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