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The Collapsing Climate Change Con

Man-caused climate change and global warming or cooling, are synonymous terms for the same fraud.  Political prophets advocating a Marxist, government controlled economy are getting hysterical watching the earth’s natural weather cycles move contrary to their carefully crafted computer models.  Both the highly indoctrinated and low information voters are recognizing the con, so the ruling class ignores record ice at the poles while desperately screaming that 97 percent of scientists still agree the sky is falling.  It is not and it is getting ridiculous.  Here is a synopsis and conservative analysis of recent climate change news:  

Because President Obama is truly a Marxist, he downplays ISIS and the Syrian invasion while claiming climate change poses America’s greatest threat.  To him, we unwashed are ignorant minions incapable of anything beyond blind servitude.  Oddly though, Russian President Putin recently dismissed climate change as a fraud, thereby tagging President Obama as the true village idiot once the world learns the inconvenient environmental truth.  In complete delusion, Obama presses forward along with his media lapdogs.         

In keeping with the holiday season, Obama’s Energy Department recently announced Halloween, Jack-O-Lanterns contribute to climate change.  It is not the lighted candles, but the 1.3 billion US pumpkins composting in America’s landfills which is warming the earth.  Former Vice-President, and climate change bookie, Al Gore made the accusation global warming is lowering man’s intelligence, so if you believe rotting pumpkins are destroying the earth, he just might be right.   

This October, climate alarmists scurrying under the cover of darkness between their parents basements and the National Bureau of Economic Research, published a paper claiming “hot weather leads to diminished coital frequency.”  Your tax dollars were used to warn you global warming is decreasing birth rates and this brings me to my point.  Obama’s EPA Clean Power Plan is the death nail in cheap, coal-fired electricity generation, so everyone should see monthly utility costs increase by 31 percent once this is implemented.  With the unwashed believing this will magically both stop global warming plus provide aphrodisiac action in the bedroom, we are all screwed.  How ironic.      

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