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Seven grandchildren celebrated Christmas at my house and the remaining eight will arrive on New Year’s Eve.  Regardless the weather, the two to five-year-olds loved playing in the hot tub and their parents based tub time on household chore performance.  An hour in the spa was usually followed by a quick shower to rinse their hides clear of bromine sanitizer.  Each body was then toweled off and appropriately dressed; an event which rarely happened as planned.  The instant you wrapped one in a towel and turned to pluck the second from the shower, the first escaped.  Within seconds, there were five bare butts scampering around the house.  I am sure there is an age where one feels uncomfortable bouncing naked on the living room sofa in front of other people, but apparently that age comes well after five.  

I mention age related behavior, as I always ask my grandchildren what they want to be when they grow up and are no longer comfortable bouncing naked on the sofa.  As you would expect, their dreams mimic the lives of their parents, so most of my grandchildren expressed interest in being pilots, ranchers, nurses, engineers, or veterinarians.  To the chagrin of progressives, absolutely none dreamed of being a victim and this quickly brings me to today’s point.  

For progressives to advance Marxism they must cultivate a dependent class of victims who believe their lot in life is entirely determined by others.  Once you surrender to that falsehood, logic dictates the only escape from your sorry lot in life is to empower government.  Black lives matter, the war on women, Islamophobia and LGBT rights are classic examples the left will beat incessantly during this upcoming election year.  Once over 50 percent of the unwashed accepts victimhood and blindly votes to empower the very rulers who imprisoned them in dependency, America will have crossed the threshold, a point of no return.   

I doubt any readers could name more than five people who were born, raised and indoctrinated a progressive, but later discovered and abandoned this failed ideology.  I can name one.  I served with Ed in the 2007 and 2009 legislative sessions and he openly confessed his embrace of liberalism during his years as a college professor.  Logic and reality eventually prevailed and he is now a red blooded, Christian conservative.  Welcome home Ed. 

Hopefully your children and grandchildren are young enough to still have their eyes focused on the horizon.  Let no one prevent them from using their God given talents to be all they can be because living your life as a victim is a pathetic existence.  May God bless America and the freedom she stands for.                        

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