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    A Political Look at the Obituary Column    

In my early 40s, skimming the obituary column for familiar names replaced sports and news as my primary focus.  This is probably an aging thing.  When I turned 49, I tossed my hat in the political arena and won a Montana House seat by a whopping three votes.  As my chances for re-election hinged on the longevity of my constituents, I then fixated on the obituary column.  One week, I would anxiously discover I had lost a loyal supporter, only to see my chances restored with the loss of two members of the opposition party.  It is nerve racking knowing your political tenure will be determined by who takes their medication, exercises regularly, eats their vegetables and flosses after every meal.     

Politicians winning elections by thousands of votes in districts gerrymandered to support a chosen ideology, can ignore the obituary column.  For example, Democrats running for public office in university towns know college professors have done such a marvelous job of propagandizing young, moldable minds, their election is guaranteed.  Imagine how the political landscape would change if the funding of institutes of higher indoctrination was driven entirely by the free market?  With return on investment driving tuition dollars, professors specializing in angry women studies would quickly find themselves delivering pizzas to make ends meet.  However, our dysplastic, progressive society of government guaranteed student loans coupled with today’s political promises of free college are creating a raging river of tax payer’s dollars into universities.  Like Pavlov’s dogs, a limitless supply of students reflexively support politicians promising to increase taxes.  This is the most vicious of vicious circles. 

This tax dollar / tuition, money-laundering scheme fills America with unemployed, college graduates living in their parent’s basement and this brings me to my point.  Journalism, as an impartial source of news, is dead as proven by recent e-mail leaks revealing coordination between the DNC and the mainstream media.  I have become so skeptical of ruling class approved news reports I no longer believe the obituary column.  The left-slanted media is actively attacking Donald Trump, while ignoring Hillary Clinton’s quid-pro-quo scheme as Secretary of State.  To statists, she is the chosen one.  If the American voter does not realize impartial journalism has passed, the next obituary will read, “Our great American experiment in freedom has died.  Preceding her in death was the previously honorable profession of journalism.”   

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