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      A Second Look      

 I made a subtle point last week and it deserves a second look.  Loving one’s country and loving one’s government are like loving your trophy wife and the Avon lady; it is a mutually exclusive condition.  America’s founders valued liberty and clearly stated the only function of government was to secure citizens’ God-given rights.  The framers quickly recognized the Articles of Confederation so limited the power of the central government that failure was imminent, so they took a second look.  These wise patriots penned our Constitution granting government specific enumerated powers and nothing more, as America’s framers were well aware of the natural yearning for one man to rule another.  They feared the unrestricted growth of government disguised as being charitable or compassionate could eventually place our republic back under tyranny.  Once again, they had it right. 

This presidential campaign cycle puts a face on the difference between love of country and love of government and here is how it breaks down.  All Democrats and establishment Republicans are ruling class progressives who worship government over country.  It is impossible to love both because implementing even a single progressive policy requires the destruction of individual liberty; America’s founding principle.  Stated more directly; you cannot have free stuff and freedom because the first exists only as the expense of the second.  Obamacare is a perfect example.  Regardless the nobility of one’s intentions, free healthcare to one person enslaves a second, third or fourth to work extra hours to produce bounty entirely consumed by others.  This truth is absolute.   

Conservatives, on the other hand, passionately love America, but do not be fooled by the label.  Every Republican reflexively adopts the conservative moniker, yet only 30 percent are loyal to their oath.  There was a time, long ago, when even some Democrats loved their country and the liberty for which she stands.  This truth was revealed to me last Saturday as I stood quietly reading JFK’s words etched on the walls of Arlington National Cemetery.  President Kennedy was the last Democrat president to love country over government as evidenced in his inaugural address advising citizens to “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”  These words are toxic to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.  On November 22, 1963 a well-placed rifle shot ended his devotion to country and progressivism exploded to pathological levels.  Like Kennedy, our great American experiment in freedom suffered a wound from which she would never recover and there will be no second look.              

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