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Accepting the Collective

During the legislative session, I try to devote this column to happenings in Helena, but national news recently captured my attention. Liberty loving Americans should thank MSNBC news anchor Melissa Harris-Perry for abandoning subterfuge and stating the truth so clearly. She is my new hero. In a national broadcast Ms. Harris-Perry proclaimed, “We have to break through our kind of private idea that ‘kids belong to their parents’ or ‘kids belong to their families,’ and recognize that kids belong to whole communities”. There it is; the left’s true agenda stated so plainly even devoted Kool-Aid drinkers cannot deny it. Government is going to raise your children.

Progressivism, collectivism, Marxism and liberalism are synonymous terms describing a massive central government purposely designed to control every aspect of the little people’s lives. For over 100 years, advocates for the central authority have incrementally threaded their principles into the fabric of the American soul. Because the changes were small, slow and subtle, most citizens remained fat, dumb and happy. Now, Ms. Harris-Perry went and spilled the beans; bless her heart. If you care to look, here is how deeply collectivism has invaded a nation once founded on liberty and limited government.
If you think the Second Amendment is about hunting, target shooting and access to public lands, you have already accepted collectivism.
If you think the primary purpose of government is to care for those in need, you have accepted collectivism.
If you think government should prop up food producers with programs, you have accepted collectivism.
If you think government schools better meet the needs of children than do parents, you have surrendered to collectivism.
If you think food, shelter, healthcare and a living wage are unalienable rights, you have accepted collectivism.
If you think school breakfasts and weekend meals programs are necessary functions of government, you have accepted collectivism.
If you think crime will disappear with enhanced penalties and new laws, you have accepted collectivism.
If you think borrowing money and paying Peter to dig a hole followed by paying Paul to fill it in, results in a net increase of two jobs, you have accepted collectivism.
If you think man’s carbon emissions cooled the earth in the 1970s, only to switch and begin warming it in the 1990s, and thus you believe the climate can only be stabilized by a controlling central authority, you have accepted collectivism.
If you think the words “separation of church and state” exists in the First Amendment, or anywhere else in the Constitution, you have accepted collective re-education.
I mention the above this week because I see people coming from the sidelines to oppose the collectivist teachings laced throughout the Common Core curriculum being introduced in schools. I admire their passion, but just like arriving at the Alamo the day after the shooting stopped, we lost this battle yesterday.

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