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     Almost Back in the Cow Business   

Facebook recently displayed a cartoon showing the proverbial, deserted, tropical island with its single palm tree.  Lounging in the shade, are two bedraggled cowboys staring at a single, skinny cow swimming ashore onto their island.  “Great,” the first cowboy moans.  “With the string of bad luck we’ve had lately, now we are back in the cow business.”  The hilarity of this cartoon likely escapes readers unaware as to which end of the cow gets up first, so I will explain. 

I entered the cow business when I purchased the family ranch in 1994.  Between then and 2002, I continued my veterinary practice, bought more cows and started Double Rafter Cattle Drives.  My solution of building a bigger fire to solve the problem of having too many irons in the fire, does have an upper limit, so in 2002, I exited the cow business.  Ranching is definitely not about money, as when you consider the capital required to run cows, its return on investment is less than stellar.  Quite a bit less.  Oddly enough, there is an indescribable force which makes a person to do something contrary their best interest which is why this cartoon is the perfect analogy to my re-entering politics.     

God has truly blessed me.  I am passionately in love with my high school sweetheart and I have three happily married children who have given me 15 grandchildren.  I own a great veterinary practice and built a nice home on a small acreage on the edge of town.  I should be living the dream, but here is the rub. I served four sessions in Montana’s House and termed out at the end of 2014.  Tending critters while watching other legislators methodically destroy our Treasure State is frustrating, but after many sleepless nights, I finally chose practice over politics and cancelled my plans to run for the Montana Senate.  Here is why. 

America is dying and I cannot save her.  The Democrat Party abandoned the principles of limited government in the late 1800s.  Calling themselves liberals, progressives, or socialists they fully embrace the wealth redistribution principles of Marx.  Initially, the Republicans resisted this extremism, but soon were so mesmerized by the success of the Democrats many joined them and began calling themselves moderates, or main street Republicans.  Sadly, these leftists will control Montana’s 2017 legislative session regardless my presence or absence. 

Government has grown to obscene levels and there are simply not enough freedom loving Republicans, Libertarians, or Constitutionalists to stop America’s plunge into the abyss.  I cannot predict the exact time of America’s financial collapse, but I do know my family stands a better chance of survival if I brace for impact by concentrating on my practice.  I have not surrendered; I am merely attacking in a different direction.  I will continue this weekly column under the illusion I might make a difference to someone, someday, somewhere.  Let freedom ring.          


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