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  America’s Political Safety Valve     

Republican never-Trumpers, plus Libertarians should consider this:  America will survive the worst of a Donald Trump presidency, but she will not survive even the very best of a Hillary Clinton presidency.  The reason why can be found in our Constitution, Article II, Section 4—impeachment.  Studying the ideology underlying each candidate’s campaigns, reveals this truth.   

In 1776, Thomas Jefferson correctly declared our rights are endowed from our Creator.  Eleven years later, framers penned our Constitution as a restraining order blocking government’s infringement on these natural rights.  The powers granted the federal government were few and enumerated with the balance of unnamed powers falling to the states and the people.  This rightly places responsibility and ultimately success or failure, directly on the shoulders of the people.  Our Constitution is a magnificent, ageless document, but only if we hold it in high esteem.  Donald Trump is in this camp.      

In 1848, Karl Marx published his devious Communist Manifesto which capitalizes on envy; man’s innate weakness to covet his neighbor’s stuff.  Over the last century, America’s ruling class has incrementally implemented Marxism disguised as liberalism or progressivism.  With natural rights and the Constitution removed from the equation, the ruling elite ensnare the little people with mythical, created rights to healthcare, food, a living wage and now a college education.  Government can only give away what they first steal from someone else and someone else always runs out of money before politicians run out of promises.  Hence, our 20 trillion dollar debt.  Hillary Clinton frolics in this camp.    

Here is where it gets dangerous.  A President Hillary Clinton and her cabal are so loyal to Marxism, they ignore the Constitution and Bill of Rights, thereby effectively removing impeachment from the equation.  Democrats and establishment Republicans will never, ever convict her of “treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors,” as evidenced by her successful skirting of law as Secretary of State.  If she can so manipulate justice as an ex-Secretary of State, as leader of the free world her administration would be corruption on steroids.  “Justice for all” is a catchy phrase, but Secretary Clinton has rendered it meaningless for the ruling class.              

 A Donald Trump presidency would be different because the Constitution, including impeachment, remains on the table.  He is so hated by Democrats and establishment Republicans, even the most innocuous legal infraction could be considered “high crimes, and misdemeanors.”  This is why America has a safety valve with a Trump presidency, but not a Clinton presidency.  Think about that before you cast your ballot, unless you don’t give a damn and just want your free stuff.             


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