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  An Academic Look at Thanksgiving

Breaking news often takes me back to the good old days when I too was a delusional college student.  This week, it was Keely Mullen’s interview with Neil Cavuto on Fox Business News.  Ms. Mullen is both the poster child for Marxist indoctrination and an organizer for the Million Student March.  Launching a national day of action she demanded free tuition, cancellation of all student debt and $15 per hour for all campus employees.  She claims it is not greedy for her to covet your stuff, but it is greedy for you to keep it for yourself.  Progressives are truly thieves.  Keely is a political science / sociology major, so her wake-up call will come after graduation when she learns she has wasted the last eight years of her life earning a virtually worthless degree.  Good luck making a living asking “Would you like fries with that?”  My wake-up call came when I learned the world does not holiday on the semester system.  Let me explain. 

Thanksgiving break from 1975 through 1978 were the greatest holidays of my life.  Because most colleges cancel classes beginning the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, skipping school Monday and Tuesday gave me a nine-day, holiday vacation.  Even if we were shipping calves over the break, it still left eight days to harvest pheasants in keeping with the Pilgrim tradition of bird hunting.  It was great leaving my cares and woes at the university and racking shell after shell through my shotgun. 

After Thanksgiving, there were only about ten days of classes before finals week and then I was home for the five-week Christmas break.  December was waterfowl season and with most ponds frozen solid, the warm springs feeding Pass Creek meant epic jump shooting of late migrating Mallards.  Dozens of flushing ducks meant a bountiful harvest was nearly guaranteed to any hunter who could point the barrel and pull the trigger. 

 January, February and March could be long winter months for University of Wyoming students were it not for the anticipation of spring and Easter breaks; two more week-long holidays.  My brief encounters with cable television taught me most college students frolic beachside over spring break, but we ranch kids night-calved and went coyote hunting.  Coyote hides were in high demand in the late ‘70s, but I do not recall ever exchanging one for anything of value mostly because our harvest rate was near nil.  Regardless, the excitement carried us through studies until the first week of May when finals signaled the end of the academic year.  Then, after a three-month summer break in the hay fields, academia begins again and the holiday cycle repeats itself.  Yep, it is great being a delusional college student, but eventually reality reveals everything you assumed, or were taught to be true, just isn’t so and this brings me to my point.

 Ms. Keely Mullen will be shocked when reality teaches her there is no free and all the goodies she lobbied for have been added to our national debt.   Ultimately, the burden for her free stuff will be borne by Ms. Mullen herself, her children and grandchildren.  Indoctrinated college students are easily deceived, hence the high number who identify as progressives.  Happy Thanksgiving Ms. Mullen.  Contrary to the illusion advanced by your collectivist professors, nearly all the money in America is in the middle class.                        

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