Weekly Posting of the Conservative Cow Doctor


  A Simple yet Relentless Struggle     

If this weekly column seems redundant, it is because America’s struggle between freedom and bondage is redundant.  I will keep hammering away thinking maybe someday, someone, somewhere will finally understand why patriots died for the exceptional idea called America.  Liberty’s opposition is nasty as evidenced by the hate mail I receive because rather than debating an issue, progressives prefer to silence all who disagree.  This quickly brings me to my point.

 Regardless the shiny labels of progressivism or liberalism, the founding ideal driving today’s ruling class is Marxism.  The principle it is the proper function of government is to take from each according to their deeds and give to each according to their needs originates from 1848 German philosophers, not 1776 American patriots.  Even though wealth redistribution was soundly rejected in November’s election, there are Marxist remnants in every legislative body.  At this early stage of every legislative session, progressives always publically extoll the virtues of compromise and bipartisanship all while privately knowing they will engage in neither.  They know Marxism and liberty are mutually exclusive conditions with one advancing only at the expense of the other.  They will be damned to relinquish any ground they have gained. 

 Case in point:  Mentioning the proposed Obamacare repeal is always followed by the question, “What is your replacement?”  Answering this is to surrender to the premise it is a necessary and proper function of government to regulate or provide healthcare.  With that point lost, the next incremental step on our path to a Marxist utopia is to yield decisions regarding diet, exercise, and genetic counseling to government.  After all, once the ruling class controls healthcare, logic dictates the unwashed will not be allowed to eat, exercise and breed indiscriminately.  Government control is for the good of the whole, remember?     

 At its founding, the GOP was a party of liberty, but that time has passed.  Every legislative chamber has just enough progressive Republicans willing to help the ruling class Democrats advance Marxism under the bipartisan banner.  You can spot them by their voting record.  This happens in Helena, in your state capital and in Washington, D.C. and it disgusts me to no end.  Ronald Reagan told us “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction,” and once again he is right.  Identify and retire those who vote to enslave you under the guise it is for your own good.  There is nothing charitable about committing citizens to a life of dependency either as a benefactor or a beneficiary.                                  


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