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  Battle of the Bulges      

The original Battle of the Bulge was tagged to Nazi Germany’s 1944 surprise attack on American forces.  Today, we are engaged in a battle of two unique, but related bulges; economic and waistlines.  Here is the deficit bulge grabbing headlines in the Treasure State:  Montana’s Governor Bullock recently suggested closing one of our state funded colleges to shore up higher education’s 23 million dollar shortfall.  Similar, unsustainable bulges in state budgets exists nationwide because the cost of a college degree has increased 1,120 percent over 30 years; a rate growing four times faster than the Consumer Price Index.   Over this same period, healthcare costs have inflated 601 percent and food increased 244 percent.  A Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine is not worth 1,120 percent more today than it was in 1983 and here is why college costs are out of control.   

Federal student loans are as addictive as meth and are readily available for any high school grad with a pulse and a signature.  Concern for employment or repayment never enters the equation because progressives are recruiting the easily moldable minds of college students trapped in debt.  Voting trends prove this, so it was not surprising both the Clinton and Sanders presidential campaigns promoted platforms of free college.  This brings me to my third and related battle of the bulges, the dreaded freshman 15.           

 Students at Canada’s Carleton University recently complained the scale at the campus gym “triggered” negative thoughts, a pseudo psychological term describing anxiety about weight gain.  Acting like adults is hard for college snowflakers, so leftist indoctrinators offer coloring books, establish safe rooms with therapy dogs, or remove the trigger mechanism of their anxiety entirely.  Bruce Marshall, Carleton University’s manager of health and wellness programs, removed the scale from the gym.  In the ‘70s and ‘80s, I do not believe the University of Wyoming or Colorado State University had a school manager of health and wellness programs, so eliminating these positions today would certainly trim a little fat from the college bulge and this brings me to my point.

 College students are being conned.  Students should demand employment data proving the economic worth of their major.  Most of you will be disappointed, but it is better to swallow this pill now than after moving into your parent’s basement with a worthless degree and a 100k in student loan debt.  Progressives are not your friends.  If you want to make your life and America great again, get a job, an employable degree, or both.       


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