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Beware Mob Mentality     

First some background for not-so-local readers.  Mark Wilson and Paul Mushaben are an extremely popular, southcentral Montana, morning radio DJ team.  They have been number one for nearly three decades and Druann and I love their open, honest and good natured banter.  Paul is a bold conservative and last week he blogged of the recent unruliness of rabid, Indian basketball fans.  Perhaps it is time for an “all-Indian tournament,” he casually posted.  Leftist listeners came unscrewed proving how progressives have successfully erased the historical truth the Democrats were the party of segregation.  Corporate higher ups with the courage of fainting goats, indefinitely suspended Paul, so we will let him hang while I add more to my story.

 My oldest daughter, Meagan, was competing in the Eastern-A Divisional Cross Country Meet in Colstrip in the fall of 1997.  Because time spent flying is not deducted from one’s life span, I loaded my plane with the trophy wife, daughter Chelsie, and our German exchange student, Cathy.  I assured them flying would save time, but their confidence faded after discovering Colstrip’s airport was nine miles west of town.  With no other option, we stuck out our thumbs and began hiking east.  After a couple miles, a nice Indian couple in a pickup offered us a ride to the race.  As the gravel road rattled us around the pickup box, I chuckled at the irony of the two Indians in the front hauling the four white-folk in the back.  Here is how my two opening points are related.

 Because of the kindness strangers have shown me, I pay their favor forward to others on my many journeys across Big Sky Country.  I know Paul would do the same.  Nearly everyone feels compassion for their fellow man on a one-on-one basis.  It is mob-mentality which morphs rational people into unhinged monsters and this brings me to my point. 

 Mob-mentality, not ethnicity or race, entices avid basketball fans to damage property as a display of school spirit.  It is mob-mentality which inspired delegates at the 2012 Democrat National Convention to boo God.  It is mob-mentality which prompts simple-minded singers to publically suggest the Trump White House be bombed.  It is mob-mentality which so fogs a journalist’s judgment they can no longer discern the difference between fake news and truth.    It is mob-mentality which coerces Democrat Congressmen and Senators to sit on their hands while others erupt in a standing ovation honoring a widow and her American sailor who died that we might be free.  Lastly, it is mob-mentality which demanded Paul’s termination for expressing opinions contrary to the decrees of the ruling class.  Mob-mentality is truly evil and it is the tool progressives use to cultivate civil unrest in the unwashed.  Beware of it.           


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