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Blurring the Truth

Because I grew up in areas of Montana and Wyoming impenetrable to television signals, my view of the fairer sex suffered little left-wing indoctrination.  Being a country kid is a blessing.  By the time I went to college, rules such as ladies first, the gentleman always walking on the street-side of his female companion and tipping your hat to a lady, all became permanently ingrained in my psyche.  These are rules of respect.  Sadly today, statists are destroying what is fitting and proper in America by blurring these lines between the sexes.  When I hear modern-day parents priding themselves on the gender-neutral name chosen for their new born, I shake my head.  American is under attack.

A month back, the trophy wife and I had just run the Maine Marathon and we were refueling at a street side tap room.  We had window seats overlooking a busy byway in the historic district, when we began counting the number of gentleman walking curb side relative to their dates.  We called our findings out loud, prompting strange stares from locals unfamiliar with Montana cowboy etiquette.  After two brews and discarding data where the subject’s sex was ill defined, our results suggested proper street walking etiquette does not exist in downtown Portland, Maine.  In terms of chivalry, another state has been lost thanks to television.

Hollywood is a cesspool of progressive, sexual deviants using the silver screen to alter America’s perception of reality.  They are wrong.  Nearly every day, a new star, starlet or Democrat mega-donor is exposed as a serial sexual abuser.  Progressives admire these animals as heroes, prior to the exposure of their sexploits.  Once public, they dismiss the news of their hero’s sexual conquests as tragic; not the act itself, but the news of the act.  For example, Harvey Weinstein was second only to Old Glory as the most common backdrop in Clinton and Obama era photos.  Now, not so much.  Had Harvey used the Kevin Spacey defense he might have been acquitted of the charges in the court of public opinion.  When Mr. Spacey was accused of pedophilia he shot out of the closet as if being gay somehow immunized him against allegations of being a child rapist.  In certain circles of LGBT liberals, it does.  Have you not seen the protest signs promoting pedophilia as normal?  This brings me to my point.  God made mankind male and female.  There is no third, fourth, or fifth option and to say otherwise blurs His truth.        



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