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  Defending Liberty   

We conservatives erroneously relaxed on November 9th thinking a President Trump would steer America in an entirely different direction.  We best not drop our swords and shields.  Clinton supporters, congressional Democrats, cocktail caucus Republicans, life-long bureaucrats, celebrity twits, BLM activists and media propagandists were one presidential term away from collapsing our once-great republic into a North American Venezuela and they are furious with voters.  These statists will exhaust all resources to regain power because they detest interacting with the little people in any manner other than a master-slave relationship.  Here are the political battle lines

 During my four terms in Montana’s House, Democrats amazed me by their unified, logic-free, loyalty to progressivism.  Every leftist principle from climate change to tax and spend, to gun control, to unilateral military weakness, to the propriety of allowing sexual predators into the little girls’ room, is based on a lie, yet Democrats blindly promote anything and everything empowering the ruling class.      

 The GOP is on the political right, but contrary to marching in lockstep, they vote like Mountain Dew powered, ADHD first-graders.  Party platforms mean nothing and demonstrating the loyalty of a Walmart prostitute, the blow-dryer Republicans support any progressive cause for a “good dog” pat on the head from leftists.  True constitutional Republicans are few, but over time the fat steaks and whiskey found in capital cities frequently flips many of these previously honorable public servants into politicians of compromise.  It is up to patriots in the hinterlands to tip the political scales to liberty and this brings me to my point. 

On March 28th, Hillary Clinton shrieked at a San Francisco audience to “resist, insist, persist and enlist.”  Encouraging crime and chaos in the streets is their last desperate hope and the ruling class collectivists are not going away.  Neither should we.  To rally my side, on May 6th, 2017, I will be speaking at the Union County GOP fundraiser east of La Grande, Oregon and all liberty loving Americans are encouraged to attend.  Perfectly proper for a man who makes his living with his left arm in a cow, the event will be held in a barn—the Barreto Barn in Cove, Oregon.  (Call Tracy at 541-605-0590 for tickets and details.)  Additionally, I will have my latest book “Ramblings of a Conservative Cow Doctor: Volume III,” at this rally.  Progressives are not surrendering, so we patriots either stand for freedom or forever wish we would have.  Will I see you there?     


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