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Eclipsing the Truth

The moon recently eclipsed the sun; a novelty which lasts but minutes.  Progressives are eclipsing the truth and the damage will linger for decades.  Here is proof.  While the GOP struggled with their Obamacare repeal, progressives staged several spontaneous protests choreographed to manipulate public opinion.  Amid a drift of whiny snowflakes were two protestors waving professionally printed, yet contradictory signs.  I assume these were minimum-wage, college-indoctrinated millennials recently bused to their first rally, so the irony of their posters eluded them.  The first sign read “DON’T REPEAL THE ACA”, while the second proclaimed “NO CUTS TO MEDICARE.”  Here is the rub.

 Obamacare increases the Medicare tax from 2.9 percent to 3.8 percent, but the 318 billion dollars generated goes to Obamacare rather than Medicare.  Including this transfer, Congressional Budget Office figures show 716 billion dollars will be shifted from Medicare to Obamacare over its first decade.  Therefore, immediately upon implementation, the unaffordable, Affordable Care Act (ACA) cuts Medicare, but progressives ignore this to separate their feel-good ideology from the truth.  An entire generation no longer knows the difference. 

 Today’s mainstream media is a propaganda machine and everything they say, tweet, post, print or broadcast has been purposely altered to advance progressivism.  Journalistic integrity is dead.  Media manipulators wholly endorse Marxist wealth redistribution and they hold Venezuela’s starving population standing in food lines in greater esteem than enthusiastic, hardworking capitalists pursuing the American dream.  Bernie Sanders socialism and Marxism differ only in how each are implemented, with citizens voluntarily surrendering to socialism, whereas Marxism must be imposed by force.  Either way, once enslaved, the unwashed suffer a life of dependency; kneeling for crumbs dropped from the table of the ruling class.  I am not much for kneeling and this brings me to my point.

 Progressive hate groups Antifa and Black Lives Matter are physically attacking anyone who disputes their version of social justice.  They justify violence by screaming all adversaries are racist or fascist, so assaulting them is the fitting and proper thing to do.  The media portrays these left-wing terrorists as freedom fighters, effectively granting them a pass in the world of public opinion.  Leftists repeatedly pound liberty loving patriots as inherently evil and will continue until the uninformed join the misinformed in believing the lie America garnered her greatness by cheating others.  History is being rewritten right before our eyes and that is the truth.  It should not take special glasses to see it.      


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