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Godly Privilege

 I feel sorry for NFL players protesting our national anthem.  They have swallowed the lie their plight is due to discrimination, inequality, police brutality and white privilege.  It is not racism which shackles the black, brown and red man, it is socialism; ironically, the very ideology to which they are most loyal.  These protests will eventually collapse the NFL, returning minority players to the hood, unemployed and completely dependent on the ruling class…exactly as planned!  Here is my take on my white privilege.

 I am a blue-eyed, freckle-faced Irishman; about as white as you can get.  I began life a privileged ranch kid on the greasewood flats of eastern Montana.  My family’s cow business droughted out twice during our ten-year, tenure, but I was too young to understand.  I do remember the rare days when a downpour turned the alkali flats into our redneck water slide.  My two brothers and I would sprint naked across the prairie, plop to our backsides and slide through the sagebrush.  We chose nakedness for mechanical over modesty reasons, as when clad in underwear, we were so skinny the mud would squish up the leg holes of our Fruit of the Looms, thus markedly increasing drag—going naked improved our gumbo-dynamics.  If we had white privilege, you would need a garden hose and scrub brush to find it and when it rained, this Ingomar country kid was living the dream.

 When I was eight, we moved to the family homestead in Wyoming.  I was the third and fourth grade in a two-room country school.  Years later, a one-hour bus ride took me to Tongue River High where I met and later married my high school sweetheart.  We attended college together, where I earned my doctorate and she her bachelors before raising three children, who married and gave us 17 grandchildren.  During all this, I established my veterinary practice and bought the family ranch.  None of these milestones were reached because of my skin color and I have friends from different bloodlines living equally prosperous, productive and happy lives.  The secret is something other than white privilege, which brings me to my point.

 In today’s America, an individual is truly judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character, just as a famous black reverend once dreamed.  Attention pro athletes:  Reject white privilege excuses and embrace Godly privilege.  If you live by the Ten Commandments, you will prosper as did every civilization in the Old Testament which feared God.  Kneel in reverence to Him rather than in rebellion against American liberty.  You can choose your future, so choose wisely.                                 



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