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Going to the Dogs

America’s future hinges on this presidential election, which is why social media reads like end times.  Here are the battle lines:  Sporting blue uniforms are Hillary Clinton and her political hacks, the entire state run media, the Wall Street elite, every bureaucracy and all Democrats plus establishment Republicans.  A victory by the blue squad guarantees reckless policies of open borders, exploding government, taxpayer bailouts, deficit spending and enslavement of the unwashed.  Tyranny always works for the ruling class.   

Wearing the red uniform is an army of one, Donald Trump.  Rather than a politician, he is a complete outsider and if he wins he knocks the entire blue cabal on their backsides.  The ruling class has spent decades enjoying the fruits of labor produced by the little people, so they will not go quietly.  Hence, this is a nasty campaign and here is a report from the front: 

The state controlled media is purposely ignoring Hillary’s hacked e-mails, but a quick scan of her electronic record reveals every evil suspected to be true, is true.  Never before has such a corrupt individual sought the presidency and she is colluding with all divisions of her progressive, blue army.  Now to the red trenches. 

 Last week, progressives released an 11-year-old video tape showing Donald Trump engaging in crass, sexist banter.  He accepted responsibility and apologized.  This week and on the exact same day, four women spontaneously remembered they had been sexually assaulted by Mr. Trump sometime over the previous 30 years.  What an unbelievable coincidence.  This underhanded tactic reminds me how Anita Hill nearly blocked the confirmation of a great Supreme Court Justice.  Never let yourself get trapped between an establishment Republican and a white flag because you could get stomped in a panicked retreat and many D.C., GOP rats are jumping ship.  Unfortunately, this is just the second sortie in a three-week diversionary bombing campaign, so expect the blue-coats to attack Trump’s character in every possible manner.

 Think back to the 2012 presidential campaign.  Mitt Romney lacked sexual banter history, so the blue army attacked him for strapping his dog’s cargo kennel to the roof of his SUV.  Labeling the Republican as someone “who hates puppies” effectively diverted political attention away from President Obama’s failed policies. This brings me to my question.  In these final weeks of the 2016 campaign, an endless parade of fictitious, sexual assault victims could get repetitious and meaningless, so do you suppose Donald Trump has ever owned a dog.  I am sure we will see.       


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