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Good Habits     

I developed a cattle drive business in the 1990s.  Twenty guests trailing 200 cows up the rugged Little Horn Canyon taught me to have absolute control of what I could control because surprises hid behind every rock.  Before the first orientation ride, we explained proper saddling and unsaddling procedures.  We stressed tying your bridle to the front saddle strings, neatly looping the latigo into the D-ring and tying the breast collar and cinches to the off-side saddle strings.  Doing so served dual purposes.  First, to be moving the herd at daybreak required guests saddling in the dark and everyone uniformly securing everything in a single unit made saddling smoother.  Secondly, our mountain pastures were filled with bold, camp-savvy deer.  Prior to tying the tack, many bridles disappeared in the timber courtesy of the salt-starved critters chewing on the reins.  Occasionally, the deer would do a real number on a cinch or latigo, but migrating saddles are easier to find. 

 Hoping my obsessive-compulsive behavior would become infectious, every spring I reminded the crew to properly tie bridles and cinches as well as correctly coil manty and lash ropes.  I assumed everyone would eventually adopt my idiosyncrasies as habit.  Such was rarely the case.  We were unsaddling back at the ranch after a week-long July trip and my 12-year-old nephew, Trent, moaned, “The guests are gone, so do we have to tie up our cinches?”  Good habits had not yet become his second nature and this brings me to my point.

 America is at a crossroads and Trump supporters should not think the battle ended when the smoke cleared on November 9th.  Establishment Republicans, lifelong bureaucrats, and ruling class Democrats are conspiring with the national media to undo last November’s presidential election.  Journalists abandoned impartiality decades ago and have become so enamored with progressivism nearly every story is fake news.  Their truth is so colored, I no longer wholeheartedly believe the obituary column.      

 President Trump is not a shiny politician as evidenced by the pace he is advancing the issues upon which he campaigned.  Imagine that.  Irish statesman Edmund Burke told us in 1770, “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” President Trump needs backup, so patriots must develop daily habits of speaking the truth in the town square whether via social media, radio waves or the written word.  Most hard working Americans will agree with you, but few are courageous enough to be the first to stand for liberty.  Saving America is a good habit.          


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