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Great Again

 My most memorable New Years’ Eve party occurred when I was ten.  My parents were hosting a Pass Creek celebration and Mom wanted everything just right.  Staring across the brown lawn she said, “I hope it snows enough to cover the dog bones.”  Thirty-six inches later there was not a dog bone in sight.  This was a ranch community, so there were no, no-shows and the barnyard quickly filled with pickups chained up on all fours.  It was a memorable celebration.  I used to ring in each new year in similar fashion, but nowadays, I am in bed by nine, because the new year waltzes right in rather I escort it or not.  Rather than beginning the new year sleep deprived, I resolve to not repeat mistakes and improve productivity in the coming year.

 As I look back over President Trump’s first year in the White House, I am astounded by all the policy changes brought to bear by a man who is incessantly attacked for instituting the very promises upon which he campaigned.  How audacious.  What could possibly motivate a man of means in his senior years to willingly subject himself and his family to the abuse of the presidency?  It is neither money, nor power, nor to get the girls, so it must be love of country.  Very simply, today is his time to serve.       

 Trump is such a switch from President Obama who truly hated America and the freedom for which she stands.  For eight years, the American economic spirit had been beaten back by endless regulations disguised as necessary steps combating poverty, equalizing outcomes, or saving the planet.  It was all a fraud.  A complicit propaganda machine disguised as an independent media has so repeated progressive lies, the misinformed now accept disinformation as truth.  To those not imprisoned in dependency by the ruling class, the darkness of the past eight years, makes today’s sunshine seem so much brighter. 

 As I write this, the House and Senate have passed President Trump’s tax reform package.  This is huge.  The Obamacare mandate, government forcing citizens to buy a product or service, is un-American, un-constitutional, and now it is gone by 2019.  The death tax affecting farmers, ranchers and small businessmen is restricted, albeit temporarily.   God bless President Trump and his efforts to make America great again and 2018 is going to be a boomer.  If you have been on the sidelines, now is the time to join the producing class.  Happy New Year!        


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