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Hysterical Screams   

As a Christian, conservative grandfather I fear my granddaughter, Cora, could be a progressive and here is why.   The trophy wife and I have been empty nesters since 2006, so are accustomed to quiet, winter evenings at home.  Our sedate schedule was altered this past weekend when 12 of our grandchildren bunked with us.  Because of a friend’s wedding, the nine mini-Kimmels traveled from Great Falls and were joined by the three mini-Kerns from Wyoming.  All the cousins had a fabulous time because apparently, the louder you scream the more glorious the event.  Wall to wall grandchildren can be unnerving to the unconditioned and I have found a couple Amber Ales from the High Plains Tap Room keeps me properly conditioned.  Being a grandfather of 16 is not for teetotalers, nor the faint of heart.    

For unknown reasons, the youngest half of the mini-Kimmel branch are habitual screamers.  It is not a manipulative behavior because neither parent ever caves to demands amplified by hollering.  Sunday morning Cora, the four-year-old, was splashing around the hot tub with her chlorinated cousins and siblings when someone snatched the swim goggles from her face.  She shrieked in a manner typically reserved for open femoral fractures.  Since I could see no blood in the water, or bones sticking through the skin, I ignored her and this brings me to my point. 

Progressives also scream for theatrics; something displayed daily since they lost the power of the presidency.  The left’s reaction to President Trump’s recent executive order re-examining immigration procedures for citizens from seven, known terrorist countries pegs the senseless-scream meter.   A responsible mainstream media would hold such childish behavior in contempt were they not kicking, screaming and casting themselves on the floor alongside the progressives.  We are barely two weeks into the Trump presidency and can look forward to this type of insanity every day, on every issue, for the next four years. 

 President Trump’s nomination of Judge Gorsuch to the Supreme Court is the latest scream inducer and even though the Senate had confirmed him to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals without objection, leftists pound the wall in protest.  Progressivism is evil and with their dismal pie-in-the-sky ideology hemorrhaging support in the hinterlands, they throw a tantrum hoping to wear you down.  It worked before.  Thank God we have an adult in the White House who understands caving to the screamers only encourages them.  Liberty dictates all patriots must hold firm.                  


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