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    Irish Lives Matter      

I am a descendant of the first slaves brought to America, yet my pale rancher’s legs reveal I am obviously not black.  Years prior to the African slave trade, thousands of undesirables were forcibly rousted from the streets of Ireland and shipped to America.  My ancestor, Patrick Keran, unwillingly won a one-way cruise to the new world where the bounty produced by his sweat was entirely consumed by his master.  In the 18th century this was called indentured servitude, while today it’s called income taxes, or paying your fair share.  Patrick’s son, Bernard, served in Washington’s rag-tag Continental Army during the Christmas Day Battle at Trenton and I mention this so you understand I hail from a long line of blue-eyed, freckle-faced, ticked-off Irishmen battling tyranny.   

While discussing this truth at High Plains Tap Room with my friend, Rob, I suggested we start a movement called ILM—Irish Lives Matter.  Rob jumped on this acronym as he descends from both Irish and Indian heritage thus doubly qualifying him.  As the new minority, regressives in the state run media should naturally embrace our cause.  There will be dinner invitations to the White House along with guest appearances on The View and Oprah.  ILM has no beef with the police, so we will battle and shrink the fourth branch of government, the unelected bureaucracy.  The EPA, BLM, USFS, NPS, USDA, FDA, and IRS along with every other alphabet soup agency will feel the wrath of the ILM once our membership grows past two.  However, regressives do not allow white Irishmen to scream racism so as to find favor and free stuff.  This brings me to my point. 

Attention BLM activists, get your “isms” straight.  Racism did not destroy America’s black communities, socialism did.  When President Johnson launched his Great Society welfare programs in 1964, the illegitimacy rate in inner-city blacks was 7 percent.  Forty years of free stuff removed fathers from the equation and now illegitimacy rate is 73 percent.  Paradoxically, the groups most damaged by socialism have swallowed the lie the solution is even more socialism.  Democrats are encouraging the Black Lives Matter movement because the violence it propagates helps the ruling class advance their gun control agenda.  After all, a few dead police officers is a small price compared to achieving a Marxist utopia.         


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