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Legislative Christmas Gift 

Will, my five-year-old grandson, received an empty, military-camo wallet from his parents for Christmas.  He was ecstatic; a reaction Mom and Dad expected knowing he would instantly be eager to fill his new wallet earning money by attacking household chores.  When he was offered a dollar for vacuuming our house he sprang into action.  Observing from the kitchen, I assumed this could not his first experience with a vacuum cleaner.  Will was soon down on all fours sucking Border collie fur from under our bed much to the chagrin of Cash who hides there when the mini-people visit.  I was impressed with his attention to details; Cash not so much. 

Will sucked through all three bedrooms before finishing in the living room.  He even moved the coffee table and vacuumed under it before returning the vacuum to the garage; all smiles anticipating his one-dollar pay day.  I quietly thought how every member of Congress deserves an empty wallet next Christmas, hopefully prompting them to attack America’s chores with enthusiasm similar to Will’s.  Then I realized it was just a pipe dream because a Congressman’s wallet comes pre-stuffed with taxpayer cash and IOUs.  Only the little people are expected to vacuum under the coffee table and this brings me to my point. 

While you were Christmas shopping, Congress blindly rubber stamped a 2200 page, 1.1 trillion dollar, omnibus spending bill. It is not as bad as it appears, as only 500 billion is real money with the remaining being fake dollars borrowed from China.  Progressivism has killed the world’s greatest free-market economy with Obamacare being America’s death nail.  

Healthcare exchanges are hemorrhaging cash, which would be ironic were the consequences not so serious.   Remember, the most financially damaging Obamacare provisions have been delayed by presidential orders as well as by Congress’s omnibus spending bill, so the other shoe is yet to drop.  In the hinterlands, states who swallowed Medicaid expansion as being free federal money are in for the rudest of awakenings.  Collapsing federal budgets will soon dump Medicaid costs entirely on the states and unfortunately, like many foolish others, Montana took the bait.  Here is the story line: 

Treasure State voters rejected Obamacare and Medicaid expansion in 2012 by a vote of 318,612 to 155,536, prompting Montana GOP legislators seeking public office to oppose this unfunded mandate.  However, just like legislators in the big leagues, 12 Big Sky Republican representatives and 7 Republican senators flipped positions once in Helena and joined with the Democrats to enact Medicaid expansion.  Answer me this:  Who is the bigger fool, them for lying or you for believing them?  Montanans should reward each and every senator and representative who supported Montana SB405 with an empty wallet on Election Day.  To do otherwise plunges Montana and America into the abyss. 

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