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    Lies and Deception      

Ruling class progressives lie to control the little people and it is an amazingly effective management tool.  If collectivists were to openly explain their goal of splitting America into the ruling class and the unwashed they would never get elected.  By claiming the progressive agenda combats climate change, provides health care to the uninsured and implements common-sense gun control, misinformed voters blindly empower the very ideology enslaving them.  Here are the three biggest lies behind gun control. 

Lie number one:  Ask a progressive if they would confiscate firearms and they will answer a question which was not asked.  “I would never hinder a grandfather’s ability to take his grandkids squirrel hunting in the National Forest,” politicians respond.  Sadly, far too many voters swallow the spin the Second Amendment is about squirrel hunting, or public access to government lands, so this answer appeases their concern and they vote “D.” 

Lie number two:  Progressives support a citizen’s right to keep and bear arms during campaign season.  During the off season, not so much.  For example, Montana’s Governor Steve Bullock professed his allegiance to the Second Amendment in a recent re-election debate.  Governor Bullock claimed as Attorney General he worked with the legislature to enact Montana’s Castle Doctrine.  It was a great line and the audience swallowed it, but it was a lie.  Yep, a bald-faced fabrication. 

There were three legislators who steered Montana’s Castle Doctrine, House Bill 228, through the 2009 legislative session:  Yours truly, as chief sponsor, Rep. Deb Kotel (D-Great Falls) as primary co-sponsor, and Sen. Dan McGee (R-Laurel) as constitutional advocate in the Senate.  Steve Bullock’s minions from the Attorney General’s office, opposed HB228 at every opportunity, so your fundamental right to protect yourself and your family became law in spite of AG Bullock, not because of him.  Now, to the most revealing fib of all.

 Lie number three:  This third misrepresentation is most dangerous because it demonstrates how loyal supporters are so blinded by ideology, the truth no longer matters.  In a recent AARP Bulletin interview, Hillary Clinton said she will combat terrorism in America through gun control.  As shocking as this is to those of us who understand the critical link between liberty and the Second Amendment, around of 47 percent of the electorate reflexively believe all she says.  This brings me to my point. 

Over 95 percent of Democrats support sweeping gun control, while 75 percent of Republicans oppose it.  This means your freedom hinges on the squishy 25 percent of the GOP who pride themselves on their ability to compromise.  Do you see where a President Hillary Clinton will get the three percent support needed to confiscate your firearms?  Think about it.      


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