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  Long Term Capital Gains    

This past weekend, the trophy wife and I ran the Grasslands Marathon in Decatur, Texas.  This trail race was number 19 in our quest to finish one 26.2 mile event in all 50 states.  Saturday’s sun warmed these LBJ National Grasslands to 86 degrees and it was challenging running the sandy trails in the mesquite underbrush.  Because our winter training was on the icy streets of Laurel, we were ill-prepared for the Texas heat.  The runner’s motto of “Death before DNF (Did Not Finish)” inspired our less-than-stellar, six-hour finish, but rather than dwelling on race day sand, sweat and sun, this week’s point appeared the evening before. 

 Druann and I removed sugar and flour from our training table two years ago, so we traded the traditional pre-race pasta dinner for a steak at Sweetie Pie’s Ribeyes in downtown Decatur.  Around six o’clock, we stepped through their front door and were immediately greeted by four high school age employees.  They were polite, friendly and escorted us to our table.  Very shortly, our server took our order and delivered our bottle of wine.  The restaurant was busy and a dozen college-age servers hustled between tables and not once did I see the face of a staff member illuminated by a smart phone.  We complimented our waitress and asked to speak to the manager.

 The manager stepped to our table and he was the biggest human being I have ever seen.  Imagine the NBA’s Irish, superstar, Shaquille O’Neal, wearing a polo shirt and Dockers for the proper picture.  Expecting cranky customers, we complimented him on his crew and he instantly warmed to our conversation.  His Sweetie Pie’s Ribeyes ran like a well-oiled machine.

 In terms of work ethic, millennials, have dutifully earned a bad reputation, but it is not entirely their fault.  Telling them they are special since pre-school, confusing their logic centers with common core and destroying their imaginations with smart phones and televisions has groomed them to accept the progressive indoctrination that mediocrity is the supreme ideal.  This is completely contrary to American liberty and this brings me to my point.  

 If you hire young people, and you should, turn them into little capitalists by teaching them how to work.  Teach them the inherent value in hard work, a job done to perfection and exceeding customer’s expectations.  The young Texans were impressive, but there is no reason youngsters elsewhere are any less trainable.  Attention prospective employers:  We are talking about the generation who will be changing your bedding and monitoring your urinary catheter when you are in a nursing home.  A little effort now could provide long-term capital gains in your final days.               


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