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     Losing Battles and Lost Causes    

Staring at the clay bluffs along the Little Horn River, I wonder when members of Custer’s Seventh Cavalry realized their fate had been sealed.  Did the massive size of the Indian horse herd far to the west, or the hundreds of tepees and wickiups suggest every soldier’s service was about to come to a violent halt?  Certainly, even the most optimistic cavalryman knew collapse was imminent once Sioux and Cheyenne hostiles overran Last Stand Hill.  Sadly, history is about to repeat itself. 

To understand today’s point you must accept two truths:  First, the Democrat Party is seeking to split America into the unwashed and the ruling class led by an elitist queen bound by no law other than gravity.  Fifty percent of the little people reflexively support her highness, because along with food stamps they have swallowed the lie “the queen is for poor people.”      

Second, there was a time when the Republicans patriotically defended liberty from the relentless attacks of Marxist Democrats, but those times have passed.  Blow dryer Republicans exhibiting the loyalty of a cheap whore, discovered the state run media would speak glowingly of them if the vote with the Democrats, so they do.  The GOP is saturated with spineless, sissies who talk tough on the campaign trail, yet compromise once the ballots are counted.  Here is why these two absolutes are timely.   

Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the recent GOP Convention was favorably received by 75 percent of viewers mostly because Americans are absolutely disgusted with Democrats and establishment Republicans.  I listened intently to his address and like cavalry scouts spotting a massive herd of Indian ponies, I heard things which concern me.  

Mr. Trump correctly listed the many things wrong with America, but fixing them by decree is impossible due to the separation of powers in our constitutional republic.  Even the building of the wall will require an appropriation by Congress; spending which the Democrats will oppose both unanimously and victoriously after garnering the support of the cocktail caucus Republicans.  Mr. Trump also declared he would repeal Obamacare, but cheering supporters likely missed his second “r” word—replace.  Republicans have forfeited the argument a nation of limited government should not meddle in the medical marketplace, so after erasing the Obamacare debacle, they will enslave the unwashed with the GOP flavor of the same thing.  This brings me to my point. 

As the Seventh Cavalry discovered, there are hostiles behind every clump of sagebrush.  I do not see America surviving another four year attack from the Democrats, nor surviving rescue from the Republicans.  I am voting for Trump as he represents the slowest path to certain death and I have a few more things to do before freedom’s skirmish lines are overrun by war-painted Marxists.  How is that for an endorsement?               


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