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  Mental Cleansing      

America is the greatest.  More goodness and relief of human suffering has spread worldwide because our founders launched their great experiment in liberty and limited government in 1776. Checked only by one’s desire to work, risk and create, it became possible for anyone to be successful in America.  In the face of this blessing, how then can a man born and raised in our nation of limitless opportunities be convinced America is the great Satan and must be destroyed?  Omar was.  Demonstrating the effectiveness of incessant brainwashing, in the early morning hours of June 12th, he walked into an Orlando nightclub and assassinated 50 innocent Americans. Demonstrating the effectiveness of redesigning reality using mental molding, he was convinced his evil act was good, fitting, and justified.  Sadly, Omar is not alone.  In addition to the Middle East, there are hundreds of millions of brainwashed victims here in the United States.  Here is the story.


The human mind is so malleable, it will accept any truth if it is repeated incessantly.  For over a century, Americans have been taught big government is the benevolent god which redistributes wealth regardless one’s abilities and ambition.  Therefore, anything which shrinks or limits the reach of government is evil whereas that which grows government is good.  Progressing forward, government established the emotional religion of environmentalism.  They so removed rational thought from the unwashed that most of the cupcake generation reflexively accept the mantra the earth’s climate can be adjusted through government tax policy.  However, because those knowledgeable in logic and liberty refuse to buy this lie, a ruling class movement was launched to criminalize non-believers of climate change.  With patriots imprisoned, the only truth will be the government’s truth and this brings me to my point.


Omar was a victim of re-education just as are millions of Americans.  If you accept and repeat the mantra “Democrats are for poor people,” or “climate change is real,” you are complicit in the cleansing of freedom from our great nation.  Ronald Reagan was right when he said it was morning time in America and great days lie ahead.  This remains true today, but only if we reject the progressive brainwashing which is holding us back.  Think about it.               


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