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 Motivated by Hate   

Our great republic is facing a not-so-civil war with resistors doing anything to destroy Donald Trump.  Unlike Barak Obama, who knew every Democrat always had his back, President Trump stands alone in the line of fire.  His friends are few.  The left hysterically screams he is a racist and a bigot; baseless accusations purposely designed to inflame CNN’s and MSNBC’s terminally misinformed viewers.  There must be something special inside this man’s heart because a normal person would have quit or compromised by now.  Donald Trump must love America.

 Thinking this may be the spark to overturn an election, the media cartel, elected leftists, Hollywood elitists and blow-dryer Republicans are throwing gasoline on last weekend’s violent protests in Charlottesville.  This slugfest between left and right hate groups was choreographed to label President Trump and all Republicans racists. 

 Sadly, the flames of ignorance ignited in Dixie has now hit Big Sky Country with Montana’s Legislative Indian Caucus demanding the removal of the Confederate Fountain from a Helena city park.  This memorial honoring fallen Confederate soldiers was dedicated in 1916 by the United Daughters of the Confederacy and city officials capitulated to removal demands in less than one week.  Here is why Democrats are so quick to act.

 The truth is, Democrats were the party of slavery, segregation and the Ku Klux Klan, hence their desire to rewrite history by destroying statues.  The fact modern Americans instinctively tag the above racist traits to the GOP demonstrates the left’s effectiveness at re-coloring years past.  Who is next?  As they both owned slaves, is the destruction of the Washington Monument or the Jefferson Memorial on the docket?  If we measure a man’s worth by how they treat other races, FDR’s revocation of rights and imprisonment of Japanese-American citizens would mean his monument should be next to fall.  Progressives truly hate America and the liberty for which she stands because for leftists to instill their Marxist utopia, government free stuff must replace individual freedom as the supreme ideal.  This swap cannot stand.

 Our constitutional republic truly is the greatest nation in history and American freedom is the tool God uses to relieve human suffering and spread goodness worldwide.  We have had moments where we were not the shining light on the hill, however both the good and the bad has made the dream called America the envy of the world.  It is entirely fitting and proper to acknowledge the actions of our ancestors without condoning them, but to erase history to bolster our self-esteem could doom us to repeat it.  Lacking a Lincoln, the union will not survive a second Civil War.    


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