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    My Letter to Number 15 

November 15, 2015 

Dear Nora, 

I write this letter to remind you of a conversation we had yesterday.  As you were but 14 hours old, I do not expect you to remember it, but putting my thoughts on paper will give you something to reflect upon in later years.  First off, thanks and praise be to God for blessing me and your Nana with your birth.  You are our fifteenth grandchild and along with your two brothers and 12 cousins, you and your descendants will fill the Kerns house with many years of holiday joy.  

I wish I was welcoming you into a world filled with peace and prosperity, but such is not the case.  Since the beginning of time, the forces of light and darkness have battled.  Sadly, the evil one is on the move as evidenced by the ISIS terrorist attack in Paris the day before you were born.  In spite of this, President Obama began smuggling ISIS terrorists disguised as Syrian refugees into America and by the time you read this, terrorist cells will be established from sea to shining sea.  This was intentional.   Mass shootings in rapidly expanding gun-free zones will become a weekly occurrence until American hold-outs accept greater government control of their lives. Every Democrat presidential candidate in 2015 openly ran on a platform advancing gun control, so private ownership of firearms was banned shortly thereafter.  Disarming citizens while simultaneously introducing terrorists was perfectly coordinated and Americans mesmerized by the Democrats-are-for-poor-people mantra never made the connection. 

Although you were born into a family of believers, today Christians lurk in the shadows.  When the Supreme Court bequeathed themselves the power to determine what is preached from the pulpit with the Obergefell v Hodges decision, Islam quickly joined environmentalism as America’s only approved national religions.  Amazingly, Sharia law surprised the LGBT crowd. 

Like many of your contemporaries, you descended from a long line of patriots and you have had ancestors rallying around the flag since Washington’s Christmas Day victory at Trenton.  Your maternal grandfather just retired from a career in the Air Force, while your two uncles currently bear arms in America’s never ending battle to be free.  Unlike theirs, my service occurred in the political arena wielding a microphone while wearing a uniform of a coat and tie.  Never forget, liberty’s greatest threat often comes from politicians governing under the guise they know better how to run your life than do you.  

I do fear our nation has crossed the threshold and all we have done in the defense of freedom, could be for naught.  Now is the time for every American patriot to use their unique God-given talent to defend liberty.  I pray you and others will never give up the fight for freedom.  

With the special love felt by a grandfather admiring the birth of another grandchild, 


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