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Nap Time

When I was five, I resisted naps. Unfortunately, I exhausted myself fighting with my mother trying to convince her I did not need a nap. I now admit I was wrong, and today I relish stretching out to reboot my hard drive. I can get a great power nap in less than ten minutes and I wish I could pass my enlightenment on to my grandchildren.

Several years back my four-year-old granddaughter, Mae, was staying with us. One afternoon, Mae and Jess, the baby sitter, were negotiating nap time through the closed bedroom door. The discipline program in use at the time consisted of reward cards placed in either an envelope bearing a smiley face or another displaying a not-so-smiley face. Follow orders and a card would be placed in the smiley faced envelope; resist and the card went in the opposite envelope. If you were particularly obstinate, cards could actually be moved from the smiley to the frown envelope with your reward at the end of the day dictated by the final envelope score. With Mae refusing to nap Jess threatened, “If you do not get to bed right now I am going to move a card to the frown envelope.”

Rustling sounds bounced through the door before Mae announced, “I moved all the cards into the frown envelope. Now can I come out?” Four-year-olds do not fight fair.

When my 12 grandchildren visit, the nap time battle intensifies. Forcing your will upon someone is challenging and those of us in the political arena are engaged in a similar battle; trying to place an ideology to bed. Like four-year-olds, the resistance is disconnected and illogical, but the opposition fights like a cornered badger because they have bet all their marbles on a single issue. Presenting solid data contrary to their hypothesis merely strengthens their resolve; all while publicly claiming they are champions of compromise. They are a juvenile bunch.

The ruling class has based their entire con on the hypothesis man’s production of carbon dioxide is warming the planet and melting the polar ice caps. Knowing low information voters will do anything out of fear, Secretary of State John Kerry recently claimed climate change presents a greater threat to civilization than does the horrific mass-murders by ISIS. Their entire hypothesis is junk science promoted by those lining their wallets perpetuating the myth. By selectively publishing data which supports the hoax and burying data contrary to the state sponsored scam, the illusion is created our planet is warming, the polar ice caps are melting and major weather disasters are increasing. It is all a lie.

Joining a long list of work proving the contrary, Dr. Ross McKittrick at the University of Guelph recently published a paper using satellite data showing the earth’s the lower troposphere has not warmed in 26 years. Because this non-warming and growth of polar ice caps occurred in the face of atmospheric carbon dioxide climbing from 354 parts per million (ppm) in 1990 to 400 ppm today, logic dictates the entire climate change hypothesis must be called into question. It won’t be; the hysteria refuses to be put to bed and here is why.

Opposition to the Keystone Pipeline, incandescent light bulbs, hydro and coal-fired electricity generation and the promotion of wind energy, solar power, the Chevy Volt, compact fluorescent light bulbs, cash-for-clunkers, and cash-for-Kelvinators all rely on a single myth. The left’s entire political machine collapses once the truth is known. No wonder they refuse to put the issue down for a nap. Progressives argue environmental consequences are too severe to do nothing, so the unwashed must surrender to the ruling class. More correctly, it is American freedom which will suffer more than the climate; consequences too severe to yield to these left wing extremists. You climate changers get to bed and I won’t tell you again.

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