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  News Year’s Resolution:  Be the Fat Kid   

America is once again becoming the land of opportunity and rightfully so, with freedom outcomes will not be equal.  Those harboring the greatest intellect, talent, initiative and willingness to risk are like the fat kid doing a cannonball in the swimming pool.  They always make the biggest splash.  With a little adjustment, there is one group uniquely positioned to make a big splash in the Trump, economic tidal wave—the millennials.     

Here is the truth for millennials:  Everything you have been taught is a lie.  For decades, the secular-progressives have endeavored to control education from pre-K through college for the nefarious reason of empowering themselves.  The sobbing snowflakers are the poster children of progressivism.  Ronald Reagan said, "It is not that my liberal friends are ignorant, it is just that all they know to be true, is not so.”  To purge your mind of collectivist indoctrination, millennials should learn these six basic truths. 

         Profit is not a four letter word, nor is wealth, competition, success, ambition, or self-sufficiency.  It is not greedy to work hard so as to provide for yourself, your family, and others to whom you wish to be charitable. 

         Sharing your bounty with the less fortunate is called tithing when it comes from a charitable heart.  When government taxes your earnings to redistribute to others they deem more worthy, it is called theft.  Do not confuse the two. 

         There is nothing charitable about committing the unwashed to a life of dependency.  Government programs purposely trap the downtrodden in poverty. 

         Man-caused climate change is a complete con designed to obstruct natural resource development, suppress employment and promote dependency.  Our economic engine is driven by cheap energy sources and America is a land of plenty.   

         Certain college degrees improve your competitiveness in the marketplace.  Most do not.  If you have invested eight years pursuing a bachelors in Social Justice, you best embrace poverty because you will be stuck there.   

         Government creates neither jobs, nor wealth; it only consumes them.  The ruling class can only give you what they have stolen from someone else.  

This brings me to my point.  On November 9th, progressives began resisting America’s freedom movement.  Millennials can either commiserate with the rejected leftists, or embrace free-market capitalism and succeed.  The wise choice is to abandon progressivism and resolve to be the fat kid.  Start the New Year with a cannonball.                 



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