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    Old Glory    

I spent last weekend running over the Grand Targhee ski area in Wyoming’s Tetons.  It was the Ragnar Trail Relay where competitors from teams of eight alternate running three mountain loops until each member had finished all three.  The green loop was 3.5 miles and climbed 350 feet.  The yellow loop was just over five miles and ascended 750 feet.  The red loop was a seven mile beast.  In 3.5 miles it climbed 2,020 feet to top out above tree-line at 9,920 feet.  This is a slope so steep it has difficulty holding snow, which is why God has blessed this ski area with an average annual snowfall of 500 inches.  Only He can overwhelm the laws of gravity. 

 As the race takes 24 to 28 hours to complete, we set up a comfortable base camp with all the amenities of home…if your home were a wall tent.  To make a patriotic point, once the tent, cots and stove were in place, we drove a pipe in the ground and proudly raised the colors of our great nation.  We were the first of nearly one hundred tents and we chose a treeless knob to be visible to teammates arriving well after dark Thursday evening.  For two days, everyone passing the designated camping area could not do so without seeing our wall tent and flag.

 Friday afternoon several of us were recovering at camp while waiting for Paul to complete the challenging red loop.  Our American flag was flapping in the stiff breeze and the western sun beamed a brilliant cross through the stars on the blue background.  With it being two days before Patriot’s Day, I have never been more proud to call myself an American.  This brings me to my point.

 The best way to negate the Colin Kaepernick hoopla is to overwhelm the haters with the stars of stripes.  If everyone flies Old Glory at every opportunity, ungrateful Americans will waste their lives sitting in protest while the rest of us flourish with the bounty of freedom.  God has truly blessed me because I was born an American.  You too? 

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