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      Old Indian Tricks     

Last week, I compared General Custer’s defeat to the precarious state of our national affairs.  So as to not ignore the victors in the Battle of the Little Big Horn, let’s look at Crazy Horse.  We can learn much by studying the Lakota once the shooting stopped.   

June 25th, 1876 was particularly hot and the Seventh Cavalry was crushed in under an hour.   Major Reno’s siege, two miles to the south, lasted nearly two days until General Terry’s approaching forces shifted the advantage to the cavalry.  Crazy Horse and his bands slowly slipped into the underbrush of the Little Horn River, broke camp and faded south towards the Big Horns.  It was a retreat as quiet as it was prophetic.  Unbeknownst to the hostiles, the final rifle shot from Last Stand Hill brought the demise of the American Indian along with every member of the Seventh Cavalry.  Here is how. 

Crazy Horse was famous for his battlefield trickery, but his misdirection techniques were child’s play compared to the government’s Indian solution.  It was not a failure to deliver goods and services, or the destruction of the native’s traditional food source of free-roaming bison which crushed the Indian, it was the introduction of covetousness.  Feeling entitled to goods produced by others destroys ambition, initiative and self-reliance and in less than a decade the former hostiles posed a threat only to themselves.  After a century, Indian societies enslaved by dependency suffer from fractured families, rampant alcoholism, drug abuse and unemployment.  Paradoxically, they remain blindly loyal to the very progressive ideology placing them in bondage.  I will never understand begging for crumbs from your master and if Indians ever needed Crazy Horse, it is now.

 Entrapment with free stuff is an old Indian trick which has been used for four decades in inner city minority communities.  The results are the same and this brings me to my point:  Attention millennials, you are the new Indian.  “Sign here” student loans and progressive promises of free college to those from households with annual incomes under $125K is another government scheme.  After eight years in college, millennials will be shocked to learn a Bachelors in Angry Women Studies promotes great self-esteem, but no job skills.  By then it is too late and the ruling class will own you just as they do the Indian.  Go back; it’s a trap.      


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