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    Opportunity Lost       

As there are a finite number of Friday and Saturday evenings in December, my veterinary clinic’s annual Christmas party is sporadic.  By stepping aside, we lessen conflicts with the regular holiday office parties of spouses of my employees.   A couple years back the Laurel School Administration Office held their holiday function at the Edgar Bar & Steak House, so I was the trophy wife’s date.  We were seated at a long banquet table and the crowd noise made conversation challenging.  My tablemate was the district business manager’s boyfriend and because he lived on Montana’s high-line, he was the most outside, outsider at the party.  During small talk, I told him I was a veterinarian.  His eyes brightened and he asked, “Do you happen to know that Laurel veterinarian who writes those op-ed columns in the Western Ag Reporter?” 

I smirked and should have said, “Do I know him?  Heck, I’m sleeping with his wife.”  Had that been my response, silence would have hung thick while everyone frantically processed my words.  Once my underlying meaning broke into everyone’s consciousness, the mood would have lightened.  Sadly, I nodded and said, “That’s me.”  A perfect opportunity was lost and this brings me to my point. 

The recent Presidential Debate pitting Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton and Lester Holt was purposely choreographed to look more like “Dancing with the Stars” than a linguistic battle between political opponents.  Hillary and Lester danced cheek to cheek while attempting to kick the crap out of Donald Trump.  In terms of the progressive state run media joining forces with an entrenched, establishment progressive politician, they flawlessly danced Washington’s Elitist Waltz.   

When Mr. Trump blurted he would release his tax returns when Secretary Clinton released her 33,000 e-mails, the knock-it-out-of-the-park pitch crossed the plate.  Regardless Clinton’s or Lester’s response, the Donald should have plowed into questions about Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation pay-to-play scheme, the purposeful destruction of subpoenaed e-mails, racketeering implications of the FBI granting immunity to Clinton’s staff, Clinton’s e-mailing of classified documents over an unsecured server so her actions could later be scrubbed with Bleach-Bit.  Actually, this was Lester’s job, but he was rendered impotent by Mrs. Clinton’s aura and an opportunity to expose a dangerous truth was lost.  Never before in America’s 240 year history has a presidential nominee been more corrupt than Secretary Hillary Clinton.  Sadly, it does not seem to matter.        


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