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  Peace Through Victory    

This 75th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor is a real life example of a human absolute.  Once started, war continues until one side deprives the other of the will, manpower and/or material to engage in additional hostilities.  Negotiating peace with an adversary still possessing the ability to fight only prolongs the engagement.  This truth of warfare similarly applies to politics, but the battles are fought with ballots rather than bullets and progressives understand this absolute.  Establishment Republicans, not so much and this is timely as even though the progressive ideology was soundly rejected November 8th, this enemy of liberty has retained the will, manpower, and material to continue their three pronged attack.   

Prong one:  Journalists of the main stream media are progressive propagandists.  They have lied to themselves for so long they can no longer recognize, much less understand the truth.  The honeymoon period for President-elect Trump lasted but half a day before the media launched new attacks questioning the legitimacy of his election. They advanced the “selected not elected” mantra against President Bush and will tag a similar moniker to a President Trump. They will passionately advance this narrative until the little people accept it as reality. 

Prong two:  Prior to the election, Green Party Candidate Jill Stein served no purpose, but by initiating recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, she has revived progressivism.  She faces zero chance of changing the outcome, but by delaying official results past Electoral deadlines she advances the illusion the election was stolen.  This manipulation would then kick the election of Trump into the House and the election of Pence into the Senate, both of which should emerge victorious.  This matches the media template questioning the legitimacy of Trump’s election.

 Prong three:  Congress along with many state legislatures are reigniting efforts to eliminate the Electoral College so as to throw the unwashed of the hinterlands into that darkest of dungeons called democracy.  America’s framers specifically designed our nation as a republic and not a democracy due to the shortened lifespan of such nations once citizens learn they can vote themselves gifts from the treasury.  This brings me to my point.

 Just as the Japanese learned their attack on Pearl Harbor awakened a sleeping giant, I trust progressives will learn a similar lesson at the hands of American patriots.  Rather than mimicking the violence of militant snowflakers, the Marxist ideology disguised as progressivism must be voted out of office at every level from city governments and state legislatures to Congress.  Now is not the time for compromise.          


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