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      Placing Second      

 A quick google search will link you to motivational quotes inspiring you to be the best at everything from sports to business to interpersonal relationships.  The easily inspired can spend hours perusing catchy little sayings as if trapped in the Hallmark Card twilight zone.  A common tradition for marathon spectators is to scribble such quips on poster board and wave them for runners staggering towards the finish line.  “Great job,” and “You are almost there,” are commonplace, so I scan the crowd for the extra creative ones.  Last June in Minneapolis, I spotted a large cowboy drinking a beer waving a sign which read:  “Blisters, bloody nipples and sloughing toenails…yep, I’ve got lots of problems, but running isn’t one of them!”  I chuckled.  It quickly became my second favorite just behind, “If at first you don’t succeed, see if second place gets anything;” a unique, yet universal saying applying both to sports and the 2016 presidential campaign.  This quickly brings me to my point. 

Congressional establishment Republicans are trapped in an awkward situation with the top two GOP contenders proposing to demolish the Washington, D.C. cartel and return America to a constitutional republic.  Imagine such extremism.  The establishment’s only hope is Governor Kasich, a presidential candidate recently finishing fourth in a three-man primary in Arizona.  To boost Kasich to the nomination, the Republican higher-ups must create a chaotic, contested GOP convention and use the power of parliamentary procedures to anoint him.  If they can’t have Kasich, they prefer Clinton or Sanders over Trump or Cruz because they still get goodies for second place and here is why: 

Democrats and establishment Republicans secure their power by redistributing money to the unwashed.  Democrats openly campaign on covetousness to followers mesmerized by a free-stuff, feeding frenzy.  Establishment Republicans are more discrete, so they campaign as conservatives before dishing out freebies after being elected.  Amazingly, few voters ever catch the bait-and-switch.  The idea of a Trump or Cruz presidency is repulsive to the establishment GOP and they prefer a Clinton or Sanders administration because it saves the wealth re-distribution scheme of Marxism.  For elected officials serving inside the beltway, second place means the cocktail parties, golf tournaments and Caribbean junkets will continue just as they always have.      

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