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  Playing Dead      

Many of the wounded survivors of the Orlando nightclub shooting, avoided a fatal, follow-up shot by playing dead.  Apparently, Omar rummaged through the carnage executing those wounded, but still clinging to life.  Because he dialed 9-1-1 during the massacre to pledge his allegiance to ISIS, President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s adamant refusal to link his motives to Islamic terrorism reveal their alternative, nefarious motive.  The blood had not yet clotted on the dance floor, before the ruling class progressives blamed this terrorist attack on the Second Amendment.  Like Pavlov’s lap dogs, the complicit media dutifully began asking why anyone needs semi-automatic weapons to go deer hunting.  To statists, the slaughter in Orlando was the perfect storm, with the sacrifice of 49 little people in a country of 330 million representing a trivial cost compared to advancing the common good of progressivism.    

President Obama knows he lacks the votes to openly repeal the Second Amendment as the Supreme Court did recently with the First Amendment.  Instead, he will incrementally disarm the unwashed through executive orders such as forbidding gun ownership by those on the no-fly list.  If that sounds like “common sense” gun regulation, consider exactly who places your name on the no-fly list and the absence of due process to restore your rights.  If John Smith finds his name on the list, then he and every other John Smith will be disarmed and left no choice but to play dead.  Expect Hillary, Bernie and all their mindless minions to rally to Obama’s support.  The cupcake Republicans will publically bitch and moan, but once Obama enacts his order, they will roll over and play dead just as they did with Obamacare.  This brings me to my point.

 The slaughter in Orlando was not caused by too many guns, but by too few.  Like all mass shootings, had there been but one firearm in the hands of someone other than the evil perpetrator the body count changes.  In terms of self-defense, returning fire is exponentially more effective than playing dead, but fighting back prompts legal questions, so you best know the law.   

Montana Code 45-8-328 prevents conceal-carry weapon holders from carrying weapons in establishments which serve alcohol.  Criminals ignore 45-8-328.  During my four legislative sessions we attempted to amend this code and legally arm the certified good guys to offset the certified bad guys.  We were defeated by Democrats and blow-dryer Republicans who view dialing 9-1-1 and playing dead as the most viable option, but here are two things Montanans should remember:  First, state law does not prohibited open-carry in bars.  Second, a firearm in your backpack, briefcase or purse is not considered concealed on your person, so it also is not prohibited by statute.  Think about it.     

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