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Progressivism Explained in One Big Gulp

So you do not miss my point, I will state it first. It was entirely fitting and proper for New York City Mayor Bloomberg to ban the sale of all sugary drinks over 16 ounces. You freedom-loving followers of my column probably just spit coffee all over the paper, so I will let you clean up the mess before I continue. Go ahead, I will wait…

…okay, here is my reasoning. Progressivism is a political philosophy proposing a perfect world can be created by regulating every aspect of human behavior from the type of food subjects can purchase, the types of light bulbs in our homes, flush volumes of our toilets, to the color of our electricity. This system of government is founded on the premise leaders possess superior intelligence, education and training so as to better understand the needs of the common man than the common man himself. Like an invasive species, this belief emigrated from Germany in the late 1800s and it became permanently rooted in America’s universities even though it is completely contradictory to the principles of liberty written in America’s founding documents.

Until 1776, the world believed the right of one man to rule another was either passed in the bloodlines, as was the case with King George, or was established through overwhelming force. The framers of our Constitution introduced the radical concept of self-rule and our great American experiment in freedom was born. Since our founding, every generation has fought to preserve freedom from enemies both foreign and domestic. Today’s battle is right here at home and here is why: Progressivism is contradictory to freedom, so political compromise advances one belief at the expense of the other; an oppositional fact which underlies every political debate. If you understand this contradiction, please read on; if you do not, then skip the remainder of this column and turn to the classifieds because my next point is going to sting.

After serving three terms in the Montana Legislature, I believe every elected Democrat is a progressive. (Notice the clarifying word “elected.”) There are conservative, constitutional Democrats in the hinterlands, such as my rancher friend Robert, but they never seem to recognize the connection between progressivism and Marxism. For example, Robert is fiercely independent, mostly wishing to be left alone, but recently he was howling about a USFS representative issuing him a citation for leaving a grain sack unsecured while elk hunting. “Bob,” I explained. “You are the guy who blindly votes for the party of ‘stabilization through regulation’, so you indirectly created this bureaucracy. Do you not get it?” He does not. He has consumed so much class warfare Kool-Aid I doubt he will ever connect the dots.

Half of the Republicans, with which I have served are progressives, or progressive-lites, and also will vote to expand the size of government. (Progressive-lites either hold compromise in higher esteem than conviction to constitutional principles, or they lack friends. Republicans who help advance the left’s agenda are immediately befriended and invited to all the cocktail parties hosted by Democrats.) This leaves roughly 25 Montana Representatives and 12 Senators who strictly adhere to their oath of office. Naturally, progressives attack us as extremists.

To close the loop, it was entirely fitting and proper for Mayor Bloomberg to outlaw Big Gulps because he is a progressive. Voters should know the core beliefs of the citizens elected into every office from dog catcher to president. America is in dire straits and we either begin the restoration of our constitutional republic today or ours will be the generation who failed to guard the watch tower of liberty.

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