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Pushing Up Daisies    

The biggest challenge I faced in Montana’s House was keeping my mouth shut.  No, not speaking inappropriately, rather having my mouth fall open upon hearing the left’s shockingly ignorant statements.  Sitting open-mouthed, or banging my head on the table, makes me appear less astute than I really am.  Because progressivism is firmly rooted in fantasyland, collectivists can only regurgitate the state-sponsored propaganda imbedded in their subconscious.  For proof, look at today’s military.   

Our Declaration of Independence states government’s primary function is securing the rights endowed us by our Creator.  Article I, section 8 of our Constitution, grants Congress the power to “declare war…raise and support Armies…maintain a Navy…execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions.”  The link between these two founding documents clearly states the function of America’s armed forces, but not to everyone.  Rather than an entity securing rights and liberty, statist view the military as a giant, social laboratory where the whims of the ruling class can be imposed by executive decree.  For example, transsexuals are portrayed as an integral part of a superior fighting force, so a progressive American culture will adore them.  If the ruling class limited their experimentation to social issues, I would do little more than shake my head.  However, like the camel’s nose under the tent, their swell intentions soon creep into other areas. 

 Last May, leading military officials regurgitated that climate change is the greatest threat to American freedom.  In response, they decreed many of our military ships and aircraft would be powered by bio-fuels rather than diesel, F-76.  Using bio-fuels at $26 per gallon rather than F-76 at $2.76 per gallon sounds foolish because it is foolish.  War is won or lost based on a country’s ability to consistently supply their forces with essential resources.  Powering the engines of freedom with fuel eight times more expensive than that used by the enemy, guarantees our defeat.  To America haters, this is entirely acceptable and last week, it got worse.

 The Department of Defense requested environmentally friendly ammo be used in training.  Ammunition will be loaded with specialized seeds to grow environmentally beneficial plants.  This green ammo will be limited to training, but if progressives call the shots, you can bet this limitation will be temporary.  Prior to 2017, “pushing up daisies” was a euphemism for adversaries incapacitated by high velocity projectiles.  Not anymore.  State sponsored, national fake news chains will trumpet green bullets as a truly glorious victory in our war on climate change, but it makes my mouth fall open in disbelief.    



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