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Real Cowboys

 Real cowboys are rare.  I grew up trailing cows on the family ranch in northern Wyoming, but academics steered me to a career peripheral to the cow business.  Today, I am all hat and no cows.  My older brother stayed on the ranch and lives the life city folk dream about, or used to because who knows what motivates today’s social justice snowflakers.  God, guns, guts—faith, family, freedom—duty, honor, country perfectly describe the soul of the rugged individualist feeding his family from the back of a horse.  A cowboy’s life is harsh, but rewarding and every spring, there are baby calves who owe their lives to the caring man with the bread wrappers in his overshoes.  I hold real cowboys in high esteem and here is why I mention this.

 On a recent trip to Billings, a gray Dodge pickup passed me and along with the driver’s side “Trump” sticker was a passenger side one reading “Real Cowboys Vote Republican.”  I chuckled, while pondering his point.  At day’s end, I decided the ruling class has so changed the idea called America, I could not wholeheartedly agree with his off-side bumper sticker.  This brings me to my point.

 Marxist ideology has completely kidnapped the Democrat Party—this is an absolute.  From Senator Bernie Sander’s recent call of Medicare for all to Universal Basic Income to controlling hurricanes and earthquakes through tax policy, every collectivist proposal empowers the ruling class at the expense of the unwashed.  How is this not obvious? 

 There was a time when Republicans were the knights in shining armor opposing the socialist progressives.  However, contradicting the “Real Cowboys Vote Republican” bumper sticker, this blanket statement is no longer true.  Far too many cocktail-caucus, establishment Republicans jumped into the swamp of compromise and are frolicking in the mud with the Democrats; the Graham-Cassidy amendment to Obamacare being the perfect example.

 Graham-Cassidy removes the individual and employer mandates, which is the bait, but here is the switch.  This proposal keeps all Affordable Care Act taxes in place with the ruling class block granting funds back to the states to address healthcare concerns.  As with highway trust funds, states will then be required to behave as the king demands or the money disappears.  Supporting Graham-Cassidy requires citizens to believe that regulating healthcare is a proper function of government, when it is not!  Obamacare must be repealed and real cowboys should vote real Republicans because America is in real trouble.  Really.              


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