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Repeal and Replace    

The Cove Ditch splits my pasture.  A couple decades ago, Cenex tunneled an oil pipeline under this ditch and used switch ties to cross the Cove during the construction process.  (Standing Rock protesters were in kindergarten at the time, so offered no opinion.)  Once this bridge rotted, I poured two large concrete support pads and snaked four massive beams across the ditch.  With new bridge planking, my structure looked spiffy until two young, distracted, coyote hunters missed the wheel treads and splintered through an unsupported section of decking.  The bridge was still useable, so I suggested they leave it be and help me repair it come spring.  They were long on guilt and enthusiasm, so they immediately began tearing out and replacing bridge planks until the bridge was restored.

 Last summer, my father-in-law was motoring to my back pasture, when I heard the sickening sound of splintering bridge planks.  He too missed the treads.  Unlike my coyote hunters who were able to back off the bridge, his pickup was stuck teetering precariously on its front and rear differentials.  Two hours of hard labor freed his pickup, once again leaving me a functional bridge missing large sections of planking.  Apparently, 83 year-old men do not share the guilt or enthusiasm of 26 year-olds, so the bridge remained unrepaired until last weekend when I trenched and inserted eight new support beams and planking.  This widened my bridge by 28 inches and when I told my father-in-law of this improvement he barked, “Did you make it idiot proof?”  I froze.  My brain instantly fired off dozens of cleverly sarcastic quips, but I dare not open my mouth for fear what I might blurt.  Self-control is not my long suit, which brings me to my point.

 Congressional Republicans have released their Obamacare repeal and replace plan and once again, I am frozen speechless.  Their 123 page bill is mostly amendments, so its language must be inserted into the original 2,700 page bill to be understood.  Doing such is an unsurmountable task, so consider this:

 Providing healthcare to citizens is not a necessary and proper function of government and the GOP plan versus Obamacare is little different than choosing a diet allowing chocolate ice cream over one only allowing strawberry.  Neither will work.  When the ruling class decrees something a right and then creates a mechanism to deliver said commodity, the quality of the product plummets as fast as its price skyrockets.  Health care costs are cheaper and quality improves only in the free-market arena.  Medicaid, Medicare, Obamacare and GOP Care all promote dependency, empower the ruling class and all need repealed.  There, I said it.         


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