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Resolve to Reject Fraud

 Rational people view politicians with distrust because everything they do is choreographed to sway voters.  Because I am not a politician, I found this characteristic most repulsive in my four terms in Montana’s House and here is why this is timely.  

 Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore rode his horse to the polls on election day.  Surrounded by journalists, the paint mare nervously pranced and it appeared a prophetical, political dumping might be eminent.  Folks unaware of which end of the horse gets up first, likely viewed Judge Moore’s mounted antics as proof he was a true country boy.  I rolled my eyes because I had seen a similar show before.  During his re-election campaign, Montana’s Governor Schweitzer broadcast ads showing himself roping and flanking a calf.  The animals in both video clips made it hysterical. 

 Unlike politicians and contrary to the teachings of Walt Disney, critters lack the mental acuity to lie.  Hiding as predator or prey, or using natural camouflage of fur and feathers are survival mechanisms not requiring the high-level reasoning of human deceit.   True deception is only found in the animal called human and everyone in politics, from pundits to journalists to elected officials, distort the truth.  For proof, look how confused the bum calf and horses were in the Moore and Schweitzer campaign clips.  The bucket calf with the milk on its nose was clueless as to why he was roped and flanked when he was just standing in the corral minding his own business.  The mouth of Governor Schweitzer’s horse must still be throbbing after the governor jerked his slack with his rein hand and the paint mare shimmying sideways under Judge Moore’s bouncing backside received similar plow reining jerks.  To the political audience, the animals were simple collateral damage for the greater good and this brings me to my point.    

Politicians will quit promoting illusions the instant voters stop believing them.  Look at the many lies voters are asked to embrace:  Government can alter the earth’s temperature through tax policy.  By government control, health care will be cheaper and more readily available.  All government programs spread happiness, but because government cannot get by with less, even the tiniest reduction of any social program will kill nine million Americans—twice.  Once Republicans garner majorities in the Senate, House plus the presidency, they will repeal Obamacare.  Giving tax dollars back to the people who earned it is greed, but giving tax dollars to people who haven’t earned it, is charity.  In 2018, resolve to reject political fraud.         


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