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Sh**holes, Sh**storms and Sh**lists

 Alice, my sister-in-law, is visually challenged without her glasses.  This became an issue the day she lost her spectacles down the outhouse hole at our Lodge Grass Cow Camp.  Her backup pair was in the valley, so she elected to hop in the pickup and blindly creep off the Big Horns rather than blindly dig through decades of drover droppings.  She made it.

 I thought of Alice while watching the Fake News Networks scream “sh**hole” last weekend.  For 48 hours, elitists used sh**hole like comma after accusing President Trump of using it once.  Interestingly, my Webster defines sh**storm and sh**list, but not sh**hole, so evidently President Trump he made up his own word and to swamp dwellers and Never Trumpers this is another impeachable offense.  I have seen their little sh**storm trick before.

 Five years back, college coed Sandra Fluke captured headlines complaining contraceptives were cost-prohibitive, so requested taxpayers fund higher education’s nocturnal frolicking.   She is wrong, and I wrote how I neither knew, nor cared about the contraceptive costs of my college classmates.  The only time I remembered a fellow vet student referencing his sex life was when Steve lamented how the English Bulldog owned by the hospital pharmacist was making $1000 per month in stud fees, when Steve “couldn’t give it away.”  Mine was a simple spoof of Ms. Fluke’s demand for the nanny state, but leftists placed me on their sh**list and launched a sh**storm of hate mail.  By re-arranging the nouns Sandra Fluke, English Bulldog and contraception, activists modified my narrative claiming I called Ms. Fluke a bulldog.  I did not, and the story is on page 157 of my Ramblings, Volume III.  With the truth discarded, collectivists from coast to coast attacked me for something I did not say.  The nastiness escalated, and an anonymous e-mailer hoped for my “early demise from natural causes.”  This is the Saul Alinsky technique used to attack President Trump, which brings me to my point.

 President Trump’s exact words referencing collapsing leftist regimes, will never be certain, but media elitists will attack anyone threatening their empire.  Here is the truth:  It is not the race of the people who trap a nation in the proverbial sh**hole, it is their system of governance.  Liberalism, progressivism, socialism, Marxism split nations into the ruling class and the unwashed.  Always have and always will.  Closer to home, it is not racism which traps the American Indian in dependency, it is socialism, but media activists are too blinded by their self-induced sh**storm to see the truth. 




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