Weekly Posting of the Conservative Cow Doctor


Shipping Season

 Fall is shipping season.  Normally, the Carharts hanging on a ranch house back porch flavor the air with cow manure, wet dog, horse sweat and diesel fuel, but on shipping day, the wonderful aroma is roast beef, potatoes and apple pie cooking in the kitchen.  I love shipping season.  Its payday for ranchers who after depleting previous years’ profits, keep giving it a go betting it will be a boomer next year.  I pray God will continue to bless them with optimism because the trophy wife and I are on a training ration requiring an enormous amount of beef.  We run on steak. 

 Shipping day changed after I graduated vet school.  Rather than being saddled at sunrise, today I pull up to the corrals after the cattle are gathered and the calves have been sorted and sexed—meaning the calves are pulled from their mommas with the steer calves separated from the heifer calves.  Boy calves are physiologically different from girl calves, so they feed different, gain different and suffer different health risks during the feeding period.  This brings me to my point.

 This same physiological difference between human boys and girls was acknowledged for centuries, but not anymore.  The ruling class purposely blurs the lines between boys and girls by promoting the illusion that one’s sex is determined by a state of mind.  Boys can be girls, girls can be boys, men can be boys, men can be girls, women can be boys and women can be girls.  Once leftists threw sexual preference into the mix, adolescence became even more confusing.  Now, boys can be girls and like boys or girls, girls can be boys and like boys or girls, men can be boys and like boys or girls, men can be girls and like boys or girls, women can be boys and like boys or girls and women can be girls and like boys or girls.  Somehow, progressives champion this insanity as the ideal.

 Collectivists recently scored a huge victory in their war on sexual identity when the Boy Scout Board of Directors unanimously accepted girl scouts into the cub scouts.  “There is absolutely no difference between girls and boys,” the spokesman boldly stated.  Here is the truth:  Boys and girls are different and sex is determined in the chromosomes at conception.  If progressives ever target the cow business, I fear they will dictate sexing calves into ten different pens and will begin discounting Charolais cross calves for having white privilege.  Shipping season will never be the same, so when it is gone, I will surrender my shingle and settle for the chicken.


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