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   Snow Days and Snow Jobs  

My fondest memories of childhood were snow days, as blizzards too dangerous for school busses were perfect for country kids on snow machines.  It was the 1970s and progressives warned western capitalism was destroying the ozone layer and triggering a new ice age.  I ignored the hype because snow days were heaven.  As the earth cycled out of the snowy ‘70s into the balmy ‘90s, the leftists flipped to global warming, but most of the little people missed this flip-flop.  In 2006, Al Gore warned we had but 10 years left to adjust tax policy so as to cool the planet.  This prediction became problematic as the earth neither warmed nor cooled since the late ‘90s.  Rather than sheepishly retreating, collectivists rallied behind a new, all-encompassing battle cry called climate change.  This launched the first of their two prong attack advancing Marxism as it could be too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry, too windy, too smoky, or too clear and still fit the climate change moniker.  Now to the second prong.  

Winter storm Jonas recently blanketed Washington, D.C. leaving east coast school kids adrift in snow days.  This was likely a record snow event, but we will never know as the official recording device at Reagan National Airport was lost in the blizzard.  Meteorologists improvised and reported an official 17.8 inches in contrast to two other nearby airports recording unofficial levels of 29.3 and 29.2 inches.  The truth remains elusive.  Where and how the snow is officially measured dramatically affects the data, so these D.C. meteorologists strived for accuracy; an honor code absent in National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) scientists. In late 2015, the NOAA published a study simply erasing earth’s 15 year hiatus in global warming.  If the data does not support your hypothesis, just lie about it.     

Leading scientists, most veterinarians and at least four dentists agree climate change is a snow job.  However, America’s king is charging forward with his Clean Power Plan to purposely cripple our nation’s economic engine.  Forcing citizens out of the workforce and onto food stamps creates dependency and to Marxists, dependency is nirvana.  Someday union coal miners will make the connection between decades of voting for Democrats and the progressive loss of their jobs—a cause and effect much more repeatable than the mythical link between greenhouse gasses and climate change.  In the end, the unwashed always pays for ruling class snow jobs.    

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