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   Subtle Slip into Tyranny      

It is highly unlikely you went to bed with the ideal Body Mass Index of 20 and awakened a morbidly obese 30.  Age related weight gain is so slow it escapes your notice until the morning you find yourself struggling like a fat old man putting on his overshoes.  (This is not sexist, as in today’s progressive America even skinny young girls can grow up to be fat old men.)  America’s incremental loss of freedom is just as subtle as weight gain and I fear we will continue trading liberty for security until bondage becomes our new normal.  Here is how: 

In 1913, our Constitution was amended to allow disproportionate collection of taxes and disproportionate redistribution of funds. The “Sixteenth Amendment,” inoculated Marxism into the American soul and the illusion of offering sacrifices costing nothing progressively swept the nation.  Today’s patriots who endorse liberty over wealth redistribution are chastised as greedy and here are three examples showing the breadth of the infection modern day minutemen are fighting. 

Example one:  No group wraps themselves in Old Glory more passionately than Iowa corn farmers, as long as you do not separate them from their ethanol subsidies.  Sadly, nearly every flavor of food production depends on government redistributing wealth. 

Example two:  Senior citizens typically oppose the education cartel’s mill-levy increases.  However, in this 2016 election cycle, a mill-levy funding senior programs is before the voters of Yellowstone County, Montana.  Yard signs promoting “Yes for Elder Services” are sprouting all across our county.  Should this pass, 578,335 dollars will be removed annually and perpetually from the wallets of people who have earned it and given to someone the voters have determined as being more worthy…less a small handling fee for administration. 

Example three:  A new USDA, Veterinary Medicine Loan Repayment Program (VMLRP) program redistributes wealth from folks like Roger, a carpenter in Denver, Colorado to Dr. Bob, who fixes prolapses in Absarokee, Montana.  New veterinarians burdened by school debt can receive up to $75,000 if they practice for three years in one of six underserved areas of our Treasure State.  Championed to meet the needs of cow producers I opposed this Marxist scheme, but it passed and this brings me to my point. 

As sneaky as middle-age weight gain, Marxist programs are expanding.  Perhaps you think corn farmers, seniors and veterinarians are so virtuous they are entitled to the bounty of the unwashed. However, incrementally advancing programs conflicts with the desires of 650,954 American patriots who purchased our liberty with their lives?  Consider their sacrifice this Memorial Day and every time you step in the voting booth because freedom is fragile.
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