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   Sudden Death       

Last weekend, the trophy wife and I made a speed trip to Pierre, South Dakota for a continuing education seminar.  In his opening remarks, the instructor stressed the importance of collecting a proper history before creating treatment plans.  As an example, he humorously offered the enormous difference between a cow which “died suddenly” and one which was “suddenly found dead.”  The former implies an element of surprise, whereas the later suggests inattentiveness, as oftentimes, Bessie’s demise escapes everyone’s notice until her bloated carcass blocks the driveway.  A few years back I had a middle of the night calving call demonstrating the difference.

 Dick suspected a calving problem with this one particular heifer, so he hauled her to the clinic at three o’clock in the morning.  I examined her and discovered there was a problem alright and because the calf was dead, bloated and decomposing this was a “suddenly found dead” example.  It took two exhausting hours to deliver all the little pieces of rotting veal; hours I would have preferred spending at eight in the morning rather than the middle of the night.  However, going back in time is never an option and this quickly brings me to my point. 

 This same “cow died suddenly” versus “suddenly found dead” discrepancy exists in politics.  To say our constitutional republic is dying is not entirely correct.  She is being killed.  Sadly, most Americans seem willing to ignore our plight and will do so until our great experiment in freedom is suddenly found dead, bloated and blocking the driveway.  By then it will be too late.  As I have said repeatedly, the progressives cannot advance their big government agenda without first removing the limited-government restrictions America’s framers purposely placed in our Constitution.  Progressives, meaning all Democrats and establishment Republicans, despise these constitutional limitations and their treasonous rejection of their oath of office means they should be impeached and removed from office.  They will not be because most modern day Americans prefer peace and servitude to “live free or die.”    

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