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    The Biggest Loser    

Of all the losers on Election Day, there was the biggest.  Here are the top contenders:    

Wiki-Leaks recently revealed the long time collusion between the main stream media and progressives.  This is a decades old love affair journalists simply cannot recognize because they are so smitten with establishing an American, Marxist utopia.  Impartial, informative journalism is the life blood of a free society, but it is dead.  Today, those who practice the trade are propagandists, so patriots should ignore all main stream news as from now through perpetuity.  No king likes being knocked from their throne, so expect media hacks to be even nastier than normal during the Trump presidency.  In spite of this devastating development, there is a loser bigger than the media. 

 The Clinton Foundation made millions trading Oval Office favors tomorrow for cash today.  Demonstrating a shrewdness typically found only in timeshare sharks, the Clintons cut the fattest of hogs until midnight on Election Day when their pay-to-play scheme was crushed by a movement pundits claimed could never occur.  Hillary Clinton lost, but she was less a loser than those who wrote massive checks expecting a pass card into the US Treasury. 

 Millennials, however, were bigger losers than those who bet on the coughing horse.  Imagine how bleak the future looks to college students who have invested eight years into a four year degree.  For decades they have been taught their only chance at success was to elect progressives who would give them free stuff.  Government was billed as society’s great equalizer.  Never work, never study, never risk, never serve because your needs will be met through voting.  Demonstrating indoctrination on steroids, I saw a video clip of a precious, rioting snowflaker waving a sign reading, “SAD-Students Against Debt.”  These supporters of Clinton’s promise of free college cannot comprehend the connection between student debt and national debt.  Either way, the burden falls on them.  An entire generation stands no chance of ever being an adult and this brings me to my point—Election Day’s biggest loser.

 Progressivism is Marxism with a smiley face and great self-esteem.  This ideology infected the American soul in the late 1800s and Presidents Obama and Clinton were the final carpenters chosen to drive the death nail into the coffin of freedom.  They would have succeeded were it not for the efforts of 60 million patriots on November 8th, 2016; a day as significant as July 4th, 1776.  Restoring the idea called America will take decades to complete, but it begins by throwing progressivism on the compost pile of history.  The swamp will be drained.             


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